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NA (mostly pacific); Casual PvE guild: The Unkindness of Ravens is recruiting

Gremel Khan.1203Gremel Khan.1203 Member
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Hi all,
We are a super casual pve guild looking for a few more folks to run stuff with us. We are super small at the moment and likely wont be looking to get much larger than say 10 concurrent players. We would like to be able to run fractals and dungeons with a full team regularly (currently we run with 4 of us most nights). Raids could be on the menu if we ended up with enough folks. We are not opposed to PvP/WvW but since most of us are on different servers it is less appealing.

We generally play around 6pm pacific until 9ish on weeknights. Weekends are a mix of times. We are split between servers as most of us were returning players from before we really knew each other. Most of us are older adult gamers and prefer older players who get our bad jokes and old pop culture references. We use discord for our chat.

We have a guild hall at level 7 if that means anything to anyone.

A bit of history: Most of us met playing The Secret World (hence the name The Unkindness of Ravens). We continued to play other games together over the years. Eventually someone mentioned GW2 and it turned out most of us had accounts. We recently (last couple months or so) decided to give it a go as a guild in GW2, some for nostalgia and some because we had never played.

If any of the above sounds interesting, please reach out to me.

For the most prompt replies contact me in game, or here if you don't mind some delay.

Thanks for reading,


  • oh you really do have to bump this regularly, surprise! We are on generally at reset or there abouts for the most reliable way to chit chat.

  • another bump, another day near the top

  • Ok, The Secret World reference pulled me in. I definitely remember playing that, loved the entire theme and environment. I started playing video games in the '70s back when you had to go to a video arcade and plug in quarters so I guess I fit into the older player category. I've been considering joining a guild to do some group PvE content with for fun (I've only played GW2 solo). Dungeons, fractals, strikes, raids would all be cool with me. I'm pretty laid back and accepting of things; just looking to enjoy the game with other like minded people. I'm actually CST (Houston) but your play times are about when I'm on anyway. So if you're interested give me a shout, Akeha.1379.