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Shattered Darkness [DARK] [NA] [PvX]

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Shattered Darkness [DARK] [NA] [Darkhaven] [PvX] - No iron-fisted, heavy-handed management here. Our friendly, helpful, laid-back, casual and active community is recruiting players of all skill and experience levels with an interest in sharing and learning every aspect of the game to join our ranks. While we are mostly PvE focused, we are also currently recruiting casual Darkhaven WvW and PvP players who are seeking a laidback, no-pressure atmosphere to learn in and friendly folks to roam with.

We believe that a community is only as strong as YOU make it and expect our members to be the core of our community and our guild’s very best assets. We run a very common sense approach and require only that our members should contribute and give to our community what they expect to get out of our community. Seems fair, I think?

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions, please see contact info below or, comment here with your account/character name, your primary focus in-game and what you are seeking in a guild and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Bardon Night.3748

WvW/PvP (casual)
Doctor Chung Man.5931


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    New players and returning players are welcome!

  • I am interested in joining, account name is Gerrt.8169 I am mostly PVE/fractal focused. Looking for a guild to farm with and staying updated with new content

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    @Gerrt.8169 I am about to login, I will send you a message!

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    Could I get an invite as well? mainly fractals when i get time

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    Flippity flump, our daily bump.

  • Looking for a Casual friendly guild that understands we have lives away from games (sometimes) to learn the game, looking for people to be social with. I played lots of MMO's in the past and only one where i found a great guild to raid and have fun with, since then I'm looking for another close knit community i can assimilate into. I played back at launch and after hitting 80 i quit. Just came back to the game and taking things slow, but it's a completely new game and I'm lost

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    Hey there. We'd be happy to help you get caught up. We are an OG guild and have vet players who can guide you through the content and newer players who might be tackling the same content.

    I will send you an invite in-game. If I'm not on when you accept, be sure to say hi and introduce yourself. I'll catch up with you when I can!

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    Meow, meow, bump to the top for now.

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    Shoot us a message, we're still recruiting!

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    Send me a message in-game! I'm bored!

  • jeffdaddi.1480jeffdaddi.1480 Member

    Hi. I'm a returning player looking for a guild with a casual PVE playstyle. I've been gone from GW2 for years and its received a lot of changes in updates. Hopefully there are members in the guild who are willing to offer guidance and tips to help me get acquainted with the game / mechanics.

  • i would like to join you guild

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    We'd love to have you both! I will send you both a message in-game and we can chat!

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    Looks like one of our officers has beaten me to it! Welcome to the guild! Feel free to message me if you have any questions!