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[NA] LFGuild (WvW/PvE/PvP) Veteran looking for tight-knit group

LucidLethargy.8431LucidLethargy.8431 Member
edited July 26, 2020 in Looking For Guild

What I'm looking for:

  • A group of people who enjoy WvW - competitive is good, but I'd rather not get lost as a number in a huge zerg.
  • A tight-knit group of fun-loving people
  • Occasional PvE and PvP events would be a really nice bonus

About myself:

  • Full ascended (minstrels) support firebrand (WvW)
  • I am currently on Stormbluff Isle (SBI), but I am willing to transfer. Originally I was TC, then AR (under "MAS" guild), then SBI (under "DUSK"/"DAWN" guild)
  • I burned out a year or two back after playing extremely competitively in larger guilds that were all business. Winning was fun, but it got a little repetitive.
  • In my 30's age-wise.
  • I have a well-rounded life, but I can play a lot of GW2 (especially as an American during the current pandemic)

Contact me:
Feel free to reply here, but a good way to get an instant response is to hit me up on Discord: LucidLethargy#5821