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Recruiting for Mystic Phoenix [MVP] [NA] [SEA] [EU] [PVE]

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Fractals lesson
Fractal challenge mode Training
Daily Strike missions usually twice a day :3
Daily T4 Guild Runs
Guild Missions 2x a week
Home Instance (Free Materials).
Raid Training
About US:

We are a guild always growing, Always keeping the guild Active with members, about 1 year old welcoming new and old players.
Looking to promote fun and none toxic environment.
Casual/Semi casual guild
Behavior is EVERYTHING in this guild.
Have discord, but you aren't required to speak in our discord, just listen if the situation requires it.
If you are the type to use profanity loosely, I do not recommend that you join us.
We don't focus on:

World vs World
Player vs Player
• Maybe in the future when anet releases alliance we might be involved in World vs World as a guild.

Represent our guild tag (MVP) for guild activities or any form of service we provide to the members.
We are 18+ so we do expect adult-like behavior.
Contacts: Can mail in-game or message in discord for more information about the guild.

  • Acer.1079/Rush#0749 (Founder)
  • Rose.9402/Rose.9402#7173 (Guild Leader)
  • Dukesy.5026/ (Guild Leader)
  • Oragnum.1045/oragnum#5557 (High Officer)
  • Seonwu.2178/~S u m m e r~#8176 (Officer)
  • abe.2986/abe.2986 (Elektra)#5183 (Officer)
  • Criminal.5627/Criminal.Mastermind#2120 (Officer)
  • Mikan (Ivanc.1763)/Alcremie#5736 (Officer)
  • xxTheGamingRavenxx.6417/Raven (Xeno)#1202 (Junior Officer)
  • AhrenSLI.4816/Ahren6#2790 (Junior Officer)
  • JessiFox.5942/jessifox#3432 (Junior Officer)
  • Thorin.6280/Thorin.6280#0015 (junior Officer)
  • Tuck.2719/Tuck#5603 ( Junior Officer)
  • Dai.3459/ Skywing#4827 (Junior Officer)
  • Martijn.8609/iPocalyps#5362 (junior Officer)
  • Semal.9762/Semal#5509 (Junior Officer)
  • SilverFang.4829/BakaAssassin#7067 (Junior Officer)
  • Snow.2038/Snow#6479 (Junior Officer)
  • mikesguildwars.3718/mikeplay#6705 (Junior Officer)
  • Insane.3684/Smoke/Insane.3694#0038 (Junior Officer)
  • Nevyn.3071/Sir Scapegoat#7076 (Junior Officer)


  • We have a close knit Guild community - that embraces all! We have many members that are returning players, experienced players, and new players just leveling!

  • Acer.1079Acer.1079 Member ✭✭

    still open to dedicated players ^_^

  • I've been playing MMOs since 2005 and GW2 since 2012 and never had a guild quite like this. I was lucky enough to be picked up by MVP a few months ago and the community is amazing. Everyone is helpful and friendly, I've not come across anyone being toxic, and there is always something going on that you can join in - even if you don't have any experience with it. I only have a couple hours to play in any given day, but that has never been an issue with them. If you are looking for a chill, friendly, mature, knowledgeable guild, you couldn't choose one better than MVP!

  • @Takahashi, we so happy you are enjoying being a part of our community! Thank-you so much for the compliment!

  • Hello. I'm interested in joining an active guild if you all are still inviting.