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[NA] [PVE] [KULT] [DISCORD] Psst.. want to join a cult?

Of course you want to join a cult! We all have the need to kill in the name of the blood god. Don't hold it in. Join us! Yes, we curse. Yes, we make pervy jokes. Yes, we sacrifice virgins all day, everyday.. and yes. It's 18+

As a cult, we plan on being a small guild where you can let your freak flag fly. We want to be a place where you can hang out, post weird sh** in Discord and enjoy the game with the gang. We mainly do PvE but we're working on getting guild missions and fractals up and running again. You should know we've been on hiatus for quite a while, but now the stars have aligned and once again we gather!

We have three rules and it's mostly based on keeping the guild active and a nice place to be.

  • Everyone is welcome here! We don't judge. Gender, race, sexuality etc. doesn't matter and we will NOT tolerate any harassment!

  • This is not a competetive guild and we don't plan on being it. We welcome new players and want to help, so no hate on newbies for asking questions. Take your toxicity elsewhere.

  • If you're not online on GW2 in a month, you will be removed from the guild in-game, unless you make a post in the #afk-or-leave-notice channel on Discord. If you decide to start playing
    again, you'll always be welcome to come back.

Have you read all of this and are you still interested? Holy sh** dude, you really have some demons you need to let loose! Well. We're the place to do that! Message me in game: InsertScreamHere.4293 or on Discord InsertScreamHere#9473