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One Charr, One Dragon, One Champion Instance bug

When the confrontation with Bangar stage starts in the instance, I get bugged out behind the frost wall. Respawn at the checkpoint does not help at all, it's impossible to reach the Spirits of the Wild to free them. That was also the case yesterday. I've tried to restart the story today in hope it will fix it :anguished:


  • foxof.8752foxof.8752 Member ✭✭
    edited July 30, 2020

    same thing happened to me, try to rush in to the middle but the scripted event will port you back behind the frost wall, when start attack, ally nps will walk through the wall but you stuck behind.

    Even if you managed to ranged the 1st stage four boxes, next stage targets is at the opposite wall...

    Update for fixes:
    invite my guildie to go into my story, this time the frost wall was breaked by Rytlock, this was not happen when i play alone, even exit game, quit episode and continue again few times, so for temporary fix if you encounter this bug, invite someone (may need he already done the story?) to play with you for the last episode.

  • A guildie of mine was having the same issue. We had to try three times. Don't rush to the wall, let Rytlock get into place or he won't go to break it. It's annoying to have to hang back, but that seemed to work.