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Zero Credit on South Meta since patch

Seriously this happened twice already where I play the entire map... them comes the meta... and at the end... ZERO credit.
Hit key figures, hit the chopper, the tank, the sniper dude..
Amount of XP credited... ZERO
ONLY the chest that ANYONE can loot, NOTHING extra.

I just wasted valuable time trying to get XP for mastery, to end up with Zero, Nopes, Nada, Nill, NOTHING.

When it happened yesterday, I thought I might've missed it, so this time I hovered over my XP bar RIGHT before the last part finished... I was at 2282... after "succes" I was at 2282.

What a mess... WHAT a mess.


  • Did you have a mastery track selected? I noticed this yesterday, you need to re-select the United Legions track if they were all maxed out before. (otherwise you get the blank box at the end of the XP bar)

  • Tuna Bandit.3786Tuna Bandit.3786 Member ✭✭✭

    Good point, but I had it selected.