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Drizz: Special Action skill stuck at detonating Remote Charge

Selected a Remote Charge normally from a United Legions Waystation, I placed one charge by a group of mobs and pressed the special action button to detonate it. It didn't detonate, and the icon for detonation just refreshed itself immediately. I pressed it again, same thing, nothing happens, pressed it again, nothing, pressed it 100 times, nothing happens.

Tried to buy something else from a Waystation, and sure enough it charged me the cost of War Supplies, but the special action button would not change to the new tool, it was stick stuck to the Remote Charge detonation action. During the whole south and north Drizz meta, for 2 hours, I could not use my special action. Since logging in and out is not an option, you'll never get back to the same map again, maybe there should be an option on the Waystations to "clear whatever tool I currently have". Or, you know, fix the bug.


  • I been experiencing the same issues as well Both times I have done this it was on the new Phalanx enemies in the Frost Citadel meta.