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Otter's Blessing Enrichment animation cooldown

First of all: the art team did an amazing job at this cosmetic and especially with the animations they give to the otter!
What really saddens me about the new Enrichment ist that the otter animation only plays every 90 seconds for about 5 seconds. It's really frustrating to only see a cosmetic effect from an item people have worked hard for about 5% of the playtime and i sincerely hope that this is a bug and not intended design. It would be a shame to sweep that awesome work some of your designers/animators put into making this cosmetic effect happen under the rug.


  • Adir.4093Adir.4093 Member ✭✭

    for real,if you dont stand still watching you character you dont even notice him/her, not only thats its not visble enough imo but its also appears once every 5 mins (at least it feels like 5 mins to me :/ ).
    would love to see a fix for that and hopefully its just a bug and was not intended to be like that.

  • Same here, It not feels any different from any other enrichment that i got on other characters. I do want that my work for that amulet will pay off and it's not felt like that

  • Ayrilana.1396Ayrilana.1396 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Yep. I made a post a couple days ago about this. I was suggesting making it something like 20 seconds between animations.

  • NOVUS.2695NOVUS.2695 Member ✭✭
    edited August 3, 2020

    Way to slow. I agree with Ayrilana. 20 seconds or less. The animation spawn timer takes forever, and when you do see it, its very underwhelming. Lasts like 2 seconds. Also, it oftentimes stop working. So, I have to remove and apply the enrichment many times to make it work again.

  • Ogwom.7940Ogwom.7940 Member ✭✭

    10-20 seconds would be ideal. Right now I wasted all the grind for seeing nothing most of the time.

    I like that it isn't super flashy and all in your face, but right now it's ridiculous. People who don't even have it yet tell me that it's fine how it is, which is quite frustrating. Wait till they have it, then they will complain too.

  • Fenom.9457Fenom.9457 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Yep think I'll do Koda Enrichment instead, it's constant

    I'd rather keep going.. wherever the wind takes us