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Next elite specs, coming with exp3

Dear ANET, dear players,

The 3rd expansion is already under development. My guess (with that shaman info) is that we will have 4 more episodes in the Icebrood saga and q3/4 2021 the 3rd expansion will be released, hopefully.

However, I am concerned about 1 thing: What kind of elite specs will we get? That is why I have a reasonable request to ANET team:
Whatever you develop guys, please consider that some professions don't have a place in every major activity in the game. For example, the thief and the ranger in WvW squad vs squad vs squad fights. With the new elite specs, I would like to see them feel these gaps and not only introduce the same profession role but in a different way.

Improve GW2 performance. Add genuine DX12 support.