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Make "Otter's Blessing Enrichment" Visual Effect happen more often.

Otter animation is probably one of the best visual effects Anet has designed! I'm in love with it! Right now when you have the enrichment equipped, the visual effect happens every 30 seconds. That's waaay too long! It should be every 10 seconds. You can always remove it if you get bored of the effect!


  • Ogwom.7940Ogwom.7940 Member ✭✭

    The shortest cool down interval I counted was around 38 seconds. Sometimes it went over a minute.
    Please make it's cool down at least 10-20 seconds or anything other than something really long.

  • Smoosh.2718Smoosh.2718 Member ✭✭✭
    edited 8:47PM


    Thank you.

    I'd rather see the game than suffer the intolerable eye sore of bright blobs on the screen.

    I personally hate the obnoxious bright glowy rubbish that we have in the game, it takes what was once special about legendary weapons. Makes it harder for you to see the mobs you are attacking, it makes it harder to see the objects on the floor that you can gather, it makes it harder to enjoy the content due to lower frames from particle effects.

    Tell me why we need more of this ?