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Just Started Playing today...

Hey everyone! I just started GW2 today and I was wondering if anyone had some helpful hints! I'm playing NA on Yaks Bend, made a human Necromancer. So far I'm just completing hearts and events throughout Queensdale, I've played MMO's all my life so I'm pretty savvy on figuring out what to do, but some input on what you guys think might help me out would be appreciated! If you'd like to add me in-game my display name is 'Phriickz" Thanks in advanced!


  • Great tips and advice! I'm learning as I go, not rushing anything! I was going to save my boost regardless as I'm not an advocate for boosts in any MMO I've ever played! I'm in search for a Guild as we speak but not too much of a priority as I'm enjoying the game solo right now! Thanks so much!

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    Welcome to Tyria! I hope you enjoy it. :) If you're not sure about anything please do ask, either on this forum or in-game. The community tends to be pretty good about answering questions and helping new players learn the game.

    For now my advice is to remember that while there are plenty of similarities to other MMOs GW2 is also different in some important ways, and that can catch out players who expect to be able to treat it just like their last game. You've already encountered one of those differences in the form of the event system (which replaces the majority of quests) but there's others too.

    One thing I know confuses a lot of people is the equipment system. On the surface it's relatively simple compared to other games: there's only 6 tiers of equipment and all items with the same level requirement and rarity are just as good. A green level 20 sword you got from a random enemy will be just as strong as one from a chest at the end of a puzzle or from a world boss. But between that and the fact that higher level characters will have their stats scaled down to match the area of the world they're in it's not possible to simply out-level or out-gear content so it's easy, and it becomes very important to get the right stats for your build and learn how to use them effectively. It's not really worth worrying about making a build until you reach level 80, but it is worth taking the time to try out different weapons and skills to see what you like using and practice with tactics like dodging and kiting, because you'll need to use them a lot.

    Finally, it's also worth knowing that you can't ever really mess up in this game. It's very open-ended and there's no right way to play it, as you progress you'll find your given less and less direction by the game and will encounter things you want to try but it's not telling you to go and do. When that happens go ahead and give it a try. You can't out-level the story or areas of the world so you can't come back or won't get rewards when you do, death is annoying but has no lasting impact and eventually you'll be able to unlock all the skills and abilities your character can use and it will be relatively simple to get new equipment, so don't worry about making the wrong choices or going in the wrong direction or whatever. Just do what interests you. :)

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  • Find your home instance, and make it part of your daily routine to farm it. Over time, you can add to it.

  • Here are a few tips for dealing with loot drops and inventory:
    1. Buy salvage kits to break dropped gear down to its ingredients. You can use them for crafting or sell the components, usually for more than the actual dropped gear. In any case, you can store the salvage results in your material storage, saving bag space. You can see your material storage at the bank, by clicking on the tabs on the left side of the window.
    2. Sell to the trading post, not the local merchants if possible. Only sell trash or non-tradable/non-salvageable items to merchants.
    3. Open 'unidentified' items before salvaging: sometimes they open into higher-tier gear. This may give you cool skins to unlock, or a more valuable item to sell. If you are super lucky, you might get a drop worth hundreds of gold.
    4. You can right-click on your salvage kit to 'salvage all' instead of clicking each item separately. You can right-click on stacks of luck (and some other consumables) to consume all.
    5. In the upper right of your inventory window is a gear. You can pull it down to deposit all your storable materials into storage at once, freeing bag space quickly.
    6. Get an invisible bag: this will allow you to preserve stuff you are saving from accidentally being sold, salvaged or stored. You will get a free eight-slot one as a level or story reward somewhere, but you will want more room than that. Inventory bags can be crafted by any armor-making craft, or bought on the trading post for gold.
    7. On the lower right of your inventory window is a pile of coins. Clicking on it will show you what special map currencies you have collected. (Not too important in Central Tyria, but when you have moved on, there are a lot of keys and currencies and things to keep track of.)

    Welcome to Tyria, have a great time!

  • Oh, and the Wiki will save you tons of trouble. While in game chat, you can access all sorts of useful information.
    /wiki (Just takes you to the Wiki)
    /wiki et (Show you timers of all the big events on all the maps, so you won;t miss that boss fight you are waiting for.)
    /wiki Tequatl (Takes you right to the Tequatl page: or substitute any other subject you want to look up.)

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    @Cragga the Eighty Third.6015 said:
    Oh, and the Wiki will save you tons of trouble. While in game chat, you can access all sorts of useful information.
    /wiki (Just takes you to the Wiki)
    /wiki et (Show you timers of all the big events on all the maps, so you won;t miss that boss fight you are waiting for.)
    /wiki Tequatl (Takes you right to the Tequatl page: or substitute any other subject you want to look up.)

    /wiki shift+click item to look up stuff about the item
    can do multiple items at once, up to the chat box's input limit

  • If you are still looking for a guild consider Followers of Ascension (FoA). We are a pretty big guild, very sociable, we have people conversant in all modes of game play, and we also use Discord quite a bit. My in game ID is the same as my name here so look me up if you are interested. I am on most mornings 8 -11 am Mountain US time...

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    A lot of excellent advice was already given, so I'll just redirect you to a bunch of links that you might find helpful later on:

    Welcome to Tyria! :)