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Condi Weaver or Tempest for open world?

I have been running a marauder tempest for awhile now and i wanna try out a condi build.
I recently saw a video on another forum post here of a weaver getting like 17k burns and was intrigued. Is Tempest capable of this as well?
On metabattle i noticed there are no weaver build for pve, only Tempest and base Ele. Why is this?


  • Pure Condition? Weave

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    Both options exist, both options play differently/have different strong and weak points.

    I don’t know which specific builds are being considered so I really can’t comment further than that.

    I assume weaver doesn’t appear on metabattle because it isn’t very ‘ez to play’ but the weaver open world domination thread (somewhere on forum) proves that it isn’t exactly ‘hard to play’ either.

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  • Condi Weaver with tanky gear is probably the best option ele has for soloing group content. (solo'ed Cairn and many bounties with this:

    Outside of soloing hard content, raid build from snowcrows deals some big damage, but is harder to play due to squishiness.

    Condi Tempest kinda works, but Weaver does pretty much everything better.

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    Weaver solo because it has better CC and active damage mitigation tools. Tempest in group events (with warhorn) because of perma 20-25 might on 10 people.

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    N.B. in open world and story (and Fractals, but not Strikes/Raids), you can run a build with very limited CC solo and compensate on hard bosses with consumable CC: