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LF>Casual NA Guild

Name: Elucid Gloom
Region: North America
Home-World: Crystal Desert

Hello and thank you for checking out this post ^_^ . I would like to start off by saying that I am a relatively new level 80 player, whom has both HoT and PoF. i'm currently geared in some Exotics and I am a ranger.

I am looking for a casual/social guild that welcomes inexperienced players like myself into their ranks. It can get fairly lonely playing this game without anybody else to be around, and the learning curve for some things are just mind-boggling to me. I would very much like to get into a friendly community of players so I can enjoy the game easier. So far I have enjoyed PvE content, and I don't do very much PvP.

That all being said, some little information about me is that I live in Canada (EST timezone). I am 19 yrs old and I spend most of my time online with friends and socializing.I typically like to use discord to keep in contact with guilds/friends that I have. Outside of MMORPGs, I like to involve myself in a few different fandoms on the internet, watch shows/movies with friends, or just whatever else tends to pop up. IRL I am just working on finishing high-school. I am very pro-LGBT and I do not tolerate discrimination or hate speech as I find it very harmful. I prefer to keep talk about politics as minimal as possible and just have fun.

I hope to find a community in which I can call home and doesn't mind my lack of knowledge about the game!


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