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NA/EU Players Guild - Ye Olde Curmudgeons (OLDE) wants YOU! Living on Ferguson's Crossing...



  • In just over three hours we will be running the Arah dungeon and having lots of other shenanigans go on. If joining Olde is of interest then join us later on our main guild day, it's the day to get to know us and have a lot of fun.

  • We currently have 26 members. We do not wish to become an overly large guild. Once we have 30 members we intend to stop recruiting for a period of time.

    In the spirit of Olde this will help all current members get to know each other better and the social side (the most important side) of Olde can develop naturally.

  • We are looking to develop the guild to have teams to take part in PvP and with this in mind we are actively recruiting players that either already love PvP or want to get involved at the outset with a guild that will do PvP.

    Currently we are obtaining matts to build our Guild Arena .

  • It's Beer Saturday folks, come join us for fun and well... Beer of course. But, you'll need to provide your own

    As we say in England, Cheers.

  • We are still recruiting. Check out the first post for details of our brilliant little guild and if you like how we sound, then get in touch.

  • We are currently looking for mature players who are experienced in PvP and would like to pass on their knowledge to our growing number of PvP members.

  • Who are we?

    We are two gamers that have gamed for too many years to even remember =) . One of us is based in the USA (guild founder and PvE player) and one of us in the UK (being British I am very posh :p ).

    Where are we?

    Ferguson's Crossing (NA) - To take part you will need to be on Ferguson Crossing or any other NA world server.

    What do we want?

    YOU, of course, =) and you want us, that's why you're reading this...

    Both of us are casual players and we both go back to the Guild Wars original game. Whilst we both log in every day, our "game" day is a Saturday - aka beer Saturday (we like beer). Saturday will find us online from about 13:00-14:00 (CST) and 19:00-20:00 (UTC). Normally we play for a five or six-hour session. We then carry on with Serious Sunday - our day of prayer (yeah right!). Sunday we plan fractals and using Discord we look to run Guild events that members want to complete. It's a laid back hangover cure day of course :#B)

    We want to recruit players who are not too serious and want to have fun playing. We run PvE (Sto the guild founder, is brilliant and knows the world like it was his own neighbourhood). We run dungeons and fractals and having just developed our Guild Hall Arena we now plan to set up and develop a guild PvP team.

    We'd love to see players join who want to lead and are happy to lead the areas of the game outside of PvE.

    So, if you want to be a leader but don't want to be under a guild that treats the game as if life depended on it, then we could be the guild for you.

    We use Discord for voice comms and will help any new players find there way around the world.

    What do we expect?

    Just that you are respectful of others, that you rep the guild when online and there is at least one other guild member online. That you take part and have a laugh and a bit of fun.

    Could we be THE guild for you?

  • We are still recruiting and looking to fill our last few spots before closing our recruitment. This will allow Olde to consolidate it's membership and to develop as the small social guild we are successful at being.

    So, if after reading our guild description you think we are right for you, then get in touch as there are not many membership spots still available.

  • Aloha, retired Navy from Hawaii now living in Florida. Last guild was way back during my 10+ years of WoW and that was 20+ years ago. GW2 was pose to be a filler until the "next-big-thing" came along but after waiting forever I now realize maybe I getting my hinny out of solo WvW and trying new things and meeting people is best. Although I have no experience with GW2 PvP/PvE, I certainly will try to learn and boost my toons to betterment of the guild. I do have four lvl 80 toons as "banks" and I can don them in at least one set of ascended gear. I have not played any of my bank toons only my cheesy and annoying WvW engineer. Last time I was sociable in a guild, I was recruited to be the main/secondary healer in WoW. Promises were made and our small ex-military guild and family flew up like the Phoenix and yeah, it crashed. Let me know if you wanna yak. Have to install Discord and find my headphones. Have fun regardless. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the invite. Going to install Dischord and looking forward to yakking with y'all.

  • We are still looking for our final few members, before we close recruitment to consolidate and take stock of how we are growing.

    So far we are doing pretty darn well.

  • If you have room for 1 more, I would be interested. I play in the GMT-4 time zone mainly out of Eredon Terrace, though i'm willing to move. I'm a team player, and work well with others.

  • Recruitment is now closed for a short period of time.