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NA/Devona's Rest/PvX - [TDME] - WvW/sPvP/Fractals/PvE - Returning Launch Guild, Looking to Rebuild

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We are The Dungeon Masters Elite [TDME] & we're looking for both new/veteran players to join us & explore all that Guild Wars 2 has to offer.

TDME has it's roots all the way back in August of 2012 when Guild Wars 2 was first released. It all began as a group of close friends who had been playing together for some time, who decided to create a guild with the intent of finding new friends to enjoy the game with. Before long we did just that, we turned TDME into a super active, fast growing GW2 community (We were one of the first established guilds on Anvil Rock, and had a roster that included over 400 active members. We did weekly guild missions, daily organized WvW, sPvP, and all the PvE content as it was released) Fast forward to 2015 and the game had started to lose it's allure and many members left for other games, IRL obligations, etc, and TDME slowly slipped out of the light & into darkness.

But TDME was still there, just waiting for the right time to be brought back to life! & That time is now!

Currently it's just me and one of the original crew who also recently decided to get back into the game and catch up on everything we've missed since our departure so many years ago. Some may view that as a bad thing, but to me it's a positive. We are genuinely excited for GW2 again, we do our daily fractals, sPvP, a little of the PvE content (PSA: getting mounts is just horrible), and then we usually end up where it all began WvW. We typically roam or try to do small squad/group WvW, as the zerg WvW meta is just kinda mindless & boring (But, we're not opposed to riding the K-train if the conductor is intelligent and the pugs are listening).

Obviously there are no requirements here... we're simply looking for some new friends to play GW2 with and help us rebuild our once great guild (opportunities for officer positions to those interested/committed to the guild). We've already got our guildhall upgrades going and have reached level 13 in just under 7 days, so we anticipate that will take us a little time to upgrade fully (But we have over 1 million influence from before the changes, so it's just a time-gate conversion issue). But what better way to grow a community than with common goals.

So, if any of that sounds like something you'd be interested in feel free to message me here/in-game [BobbyBigTime.7192] or on Discord [BobbyBigTime#9538] with any questions


  • Still looking for members! Several old friends returning, & guildhall coming along nicely! Message for info/inv

  • Bump... If you're not on Anvil Rock that's still ok btw, only aspect of the game affected by server is WvW. So if your not on AR we can still do everything in the game together except WvW, which is only a small part of the game.

  • Just moved to Devona's Rest after this most recent re-link (We're with BG). Gave it a month to try to get some free space on Anvil Rock, but it became apparent trying to get everyone back together on a full server was not going to happen. Transfers are currently 500 gems, as DR's pop is still Medium at the time of this post. We're still recruiting new or experienced players to enjoy the game with & now that we can actually get a group on the same server WvW FINALLY...

  • DR still medium pop (500 gem transfers) & with the BG link we're doing quite well & having a blast running small group WvW. Still Recruiting!

  • Getting ready for Halloween Event! Message to join & get in on the fun!

  • Got the pvp arena for guildhall completed! Super fun so far & great way to work out disagreements ;) Still looking for more roamers for wvw & we're hoping to start trying raids soon! Msg for info/inv

  • Still recruiting!

  • I am interested in joining.

  • @Kashel.8935 said:
    I am interested in joining.

    Sent you a DM in game.