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[NA SERVERS] TBC's Stroll in the Pink and Walk in the Black for the ACS, 10/3 and 10/17, 2020

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Attention Tyrians!
In Preparation for the Night of The Necromancers 2020 event on October 31st, we will be having not 1, not 2, but THREE warmup events in Guild Wars 2!
TBC, the Tyrian Bullet Club, will Be Hosting "a stroll in the pink" On October 3rd starting at 12 noon CST on NA servers at the Black Citadel. this walk is in dedication to all the men, women, children, and furry children that have passed from the Many Horrific Forms of Cancer, and those that are fighting to survive today. All Races, All classes, and All players are welcome to attend, as this is a celebration of the lives we have lost and the lives that we are still fighting for.

On October 15th, at 5pm CST, TBC will be converging upon The Drizzlewood Coast for an all out assault on Jormag and Thier Frost Legion Soldiers! this event will push throughout the evening until midnight. This is a great way to farm those map currencies and materials and yes, our experienced commanders will keep the map Hyped during each round!

On October 17th, Starting At 12 noon CST, and possibly again later that evening, TBC will be conducting a Stroll in the Black, an event that will Start at Metrica Province and will conclude at the Black Citadel. This Particular walk will conduct a memorial service for those that have fallen this year due to cancer, and covid19. we ask that during the ceremony that respect be given to those that have lost and those that continue to fight.

TBC will conclude 2020's events with Night of the Necromancers 2020, the largest gathering of necromancers in guild wars 2 history... on October 31st at 5pm CST in Lion's Arch. the information for this event can be found in the Events section of the forums!
All events will be streamed Live on twitch and other platforms, and each of the TBC streamers will be conducting fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society on the streams ONLY. there will be no donation spam in chats, no self promotion spam, and no guild recruit spam coming from TBC during any of these events. We feel that the most important parts of our October events is the celebration of the lives of who we have lost, and those who continue to fight like hell.

Will you join Us? will you walk with us? will you fight beside us?
The Members of the Tyrian Bullet Club, and their Allies.


  • TYRIANS! we are fast approaching the FIRST of these three grand Events. the Stroll in the Pink will commence on October 3rd at 12pm CST on NA servers in the Black Citadel. Be Sure to rock your Pink! We hope to see you there!