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I just got level 80.

So yesterday i just reached level 80 on my revenant wanting to make him a healer.
Quite frankly, i have no idea what to do at all haha, i did some fractals but i do not do annnyyy damage or provide anything meaningfull to my team. (i was really lucky, because i've yet to meet toxic players, everyone seem to be very helpfull :) )

my world is 67% completed and i am definitely planing to get it too 100% considering i really enjoy the jumping puzzles and vista gathering.

But besides that, what should i do? is there reccommendation for what gear to buy for a revenant starting fractals/dungeon run? how do i gain new hero points after i reached 80?
How does one make gold? Any general tips for after level 80 guildwars? I do have the dlc as well, and just got my raptor.

I know these are just shotgun questions, but i seem to have trouble finding most of these answers online, most seem to be a little outdated? or my brain is.



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    I don't do fractals, but if you are filling a healer role there are guides for builds out there you can google. If you are also doing open world stuff, you'll probably need a different build. Thankfully, you have two gear slots and can save builds to switch back and forth.

    Hero points come from each zone in core, one at a time, or from the jungle or desert, 10 at a time. So keep exploring and you'll get more. There are usually hero point trains running in the jungle and desert where a group does them together. Tip the commander if you join their group.

    Gold is earned by playing the game. Silverwastes and metas and many other activities generate more/quickly. Google that, the answer is already out there.

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    @rapturefarms.1709 said:
    But besides that, what should i do?

    Whatever you find fun.

    @rapturefarms.1709 said:
    is there reccommendation for what gear to buy for a revenant starting fractals/dungeon run?


    Check out Metabattle or Snow Crows for advice about what gear to use and traits to take for a particular role.

    Take them with a pinch of salt though, since Metabattle takes a while to get updated while Snow Crows is aimed towards Raids (Specifically, min/max raids)

    Also, while most of these will refer to having Ascended gear, you can simply use Exotics of the same stat distribution. Of which you can obtain via doing Verdant Brinks metas and obtain Crowbars to open up the Airship Crates to get Airship Parts you can then trade to the Itzel Vendor for gear boxes which allow you to pick a stat distribution (The only caveat is the chest piece for the full set only comes from the Night meta from either a rare drop from the bosses or guaranteed option if getting the meta to Tier 4)

    Weapons, you'll just have to buy the closest option off the TP until you can obtain Ascended ones with the right stats.

    @rapturefarms.1709 said:
    how do i gain new hero points after i reached 80?

    Do the Hero Point activities on maps. It's worth noting that all the activities in PoF and HoT zones all give 10 Hero Points each so they are a quick way of getting what you need to unlock your Elite Specializations.

    @rapturefarms.1709 said:
    How does one make gold?

    Play the game. Get loot. Sell loot. Rinse and repeat until rich.

    There are certain activities that people do that grant a higher gold per time spent, such as RIBA (Silverwastes Meta), Dragonfall meta, Verdant Brink Orb farming.

    But in general, it just comes down to doing activities and getting loot to sell (Be it stuff that's actually worth money like Exotics or materials from salvaging trash like Blue/Green gear)

    @rapturefarms.1709 said:
    Any general tips for after level 80 guildwars?

    Take your time and have fun.

    There's no gear treadmill, so you don't need to race to get fully equipped. Many people still do older content so you don't have to rush to the latest releases to find people taking part in metas.

    So chillax, find fun things to do and do them.

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  • Thanks a lot, i'll guess ill start going through HoT and PoF to unlock the points and see from there :D

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    Welcome to the game, you now mastered the extended tutorial :)

    Forget about being healer ;) These roles are only used in high level fractals and raids. In GW2 open world & story everyone is everything and mostly DPS.

    Buy exotic Lvl 80 equiment from the TP.

    Acquire ascended jewelry (amu for laurels) Rest best for living Story (LS) 3&4 map Currencies.

    Get expansion and LS episodes.(after 100% map completion of core Tyria there are over 20 LS & expansion maps for Lvl 80)

    Get Elite Skills, mounts and gliding

    Play other classes and play story also with other races (every race has it's own lvl 10-30 story, every order has it's lvl 40 story, based on decision there are alternative choices at lvl 50-80), play LS and Expansion stories

    Learn crafting and build ascended weapons.


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    For making gold, there is the ever-reliable Silverwastes RIBA farm. Both the Dragonfall (not to be confused with Dragonstand) and Drizzlewood coast meta/s are also a good source of income. Those are Living Story 2, Living Story 4, and Living Story 5 (current episode).

    There is also the Pact Supply Network Agent karma -> gold method.

  • Hi, grats on hitting lvl 80 first of all!

    If you're interested in playing a support build as a rev, in short, the gear prefix you wanna go with is either Diviner's or Harrier's, both require Path of Fire ,and Living Season Ep. 5 for diviner. The difference? Simply put

    • Diviner's = damage + boon duration, but no healing power
    • Harrier's = healing + boon duration, but very low damage

    Currently, Revenant with Diviner's and Renegade elite spec is more commonly found. Renegade itself is more popular because it can provide a bountiful amount of a quite rare boon, alacrity, that reduces skills cooldown.

    However, both diviner and harrier are not common drops like berserker's or others, so I recommend to get the Ascended pieces right aways instead of going for the exotic. In the meantime, exotic berserker's should do.

    Asc. acquisition for these gears varies. First you can get them from crafting obviously. Remember that you can switch ascended prefix pretty easily, as long as you have the EXOTIC GRADE sigil/insignia of the prefix you want to switch it to. Besides crafting, below are some of the methods to acquire ascended pieces:

    Fractal (Armors, Weapons, Trinkets)

    You can get ascended armors and weapons from BLING-9009 inside fractal lobby. The gears sold here are stat selectable, so as long as you have Path of Fire/LS Ep. 5 you will be able to pick either one of this stat. To get them, you need to do fractal dailies and recommended to get the currencies needed. On top of that, you will also still need ascended crafting level to make the grandmaster's mark associated with the gear (e.g. medium armor req. leatherworking grandmaster mark, bow req. huntsman grandmaster mark).

    For trinkets, BUY-2046_PFR sells Mist Pendant, Talisman, and Band, all of which are stat selectable. Unlike other ascended trinkets, you can equip 2 of these trinkets at the same time (e.g. 2 Mist Band). FYI, normally you can't equip a pair asc. trinket of the same name.

    Strike Mission (Armors, Weapons)

    There is a new way of acquiring asc. weapons & armors, which is through strike mission. All you need to do is go to Eye of the North, if you're on lvl 80, you will have the waypoint unlocked, just copy this in game chat and enter --> [&BAkMAAA=].

    Once there, just check on hero panel of today's daily strike mission. Then go to LFG, extend strike mission tab, and group up with other player. Just let people know that you're new so that if specific mechanics are needed, you'll get informed prior. They are not difficult so it's easy to start them off.

    The currency you're looking for is Prophet Shard, more specifically the blue shard for armors and green shard for weapons sold by Crystallographer Smoxxi. These shards rotate weekly as a reward for finishing a Strike Mission, but they can convert a color to another on 2:1 ratio.

    You want to get the Healer's Armor chest to get selectable pieces for either Diviner or Harrier. Also, note that the weapons sold by her only have core stats, meaning that they don't have Diviner or Harrier. So you will have to switch the prefix.

    Open World (Trinkets)

    Mainly from Living Season maps. Check this list of selectable ascended trinkets. You should check it up yourself since each map has different piece of trinkets, but I personally would recommend Bitterfrost Frontier map to get your ascended backpiece since it's the easiest currency to farm.

    Obviously there are other ways to get ascended gear (pvp, wvw, raids), but those 3 are the things I would say you should start doing by now just to insert it in your daily play rotation.

    Just to share a fair bit of my FoTM (fractal of the mists) experience, T3 would be the most difficult with lots of frustated people since the difficulty jumps heaps from T2. And another reality is that a lot of groups, at least in T4, specify for Firebrand as the healer, while Revenant for alacrity support. However, if you go with Harrier, you can always make your own LFG and look for "quickbrand" instead of "healbrand" to complement with your boons. Goodluck!

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    People have pretty much given you how to make money as well as build guides. A lot of those farms are things you learn just by joining an LFG, joining the same map and just showing up and following everyone else and what they do.

    To join a RIBA Squad > LFG > Core Tyria > Squads > groups listed might be Silverwastes meta or Riba

    To join a Dragonfall meta Squad > LFG > Living World Season 4 > Dragonfall > Join any group. There's literally only one activity in that place and it's not like you can join a group that is for something else. You would need to have completed Living World Season 4 to access this map.

    As for making money in expansions. Heart of Thorn meta events. Especially Auric's Basin, RIBA, and World Bosses in general.

    Another suggestion is world bosses. These are on a timer, people usually drop food and banners to increase your loot chance. Also most world bosses are on core maps, and there is a good chance you can access those maps at 67% completion.

    Also I'm going to link this guide here from Cellofrag. it's a money making guide that is not overly wordy. But has enough words for you to know what to do.

    As for what to do? Only you can decide on that. But something that you can "fill" your time in until you've decided what you want is training your masteries. Gathering the mastery points and the XP to train them.

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    Check you story panel in your hero window. You can start any story at any time and change between them as you like. You have your whole game in front of you: Hot, Pof and all the living world stories. Going through the story will open new maps for you and you will naturally get to stuff like masteries, hero points and elite specs. Tip: Pof gives you mounts like 5 minutes into the story.

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    @rapturefarms.1709 said:
    So yesterday i just reached level 80 on my revenant wanting to make him a healer.

    Healer only makes sense in group content. If you want to be able to master zones in solo mode, you need a decent damage build (Revenant support builds really only make sense in Strike Missions, maybe Raids, Fractals, and perhaps in meta event squads).

    But besides that, what should i do? is there reccommendation for what gear to buy for a revenant starting fractals/dungeon run?


    how do i gain new hero points after i reached 80?

    By doing Hero Challenges all across Tyria (core Tyrian ones only provide 1 Hero Point per challenge, HoT and PoF ones 5-10 per).

    How does one make gold?

    Simply by playing the game, especially by playing big meta map events and also through end game content like raids etc. You should join a guild that does organized PvE community stuff (with TeamSpeak), you will learn the most and the fastest that way by participating, being guided and getting advice.

    Any general tips for after level 80 guildwars?

    Play the story in chronological order, explore new maps, get to know your character/profession.