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Is the new fractal really only getting a 3rd of a cm?

Ill hold judgement on the fight until we get to play them because id ont to judge content i havent seen. However, based on the blogpost about the fractal it seems that only the final fight is getting a cm.

I want to give some critisism about that. Its been 20 months since we got the last fractal, and more than 3 years since we got a cm, ill be frank but getting only a third of a cm without even the promise of a return to a more sustainable cadense for fotm as well as of full on cm fractals for them is dissappoint, a big letdown but most of all, not sustainable for the fractal players base.

Surely you understand that not many ppl will come back or stick around after they do the cm for just one fight right?

If this was lw it would be like saying after a year plus of no new lw that a 3rd of a lw episode will release next week, do you think that would be exciting for lw? With no real picture into the future for fractals as well as frankly not enough content quantity after months/years of drought i gotta be honest this is not enough.