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Returning Player. . Hero Challenges

Just a very old returning player here.

Rerolled a new toon.. quick question on hero challenges..

I thought you cant interact with the challenges until level 11..?

I was able to interact and complete a couple in queensdale.. what happens to the hero points im supposed to get with the completion of it?

Will it just adds to the 5 hero points i get when unlocking the skills menu at lvl 11? (aka i will get 7 (5 + the 2 from me completing 2 hero challenges before lvl 11)).

Not able to play for a bit so i cant lvl to 11 and find out.

Thank you in advance...


  • Hm, possibly the level 11 restriction has become bugged? I thought it was locked for new accounts until that level too.

    If you open your Hero panel (H, if default) and then check on your Training tab, if you were able to interact with it and commute, check if you have acquired some hero points on the Training tab.

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  • oh is the restriction for new accounts? well my account isn’t new, i have a lvl 80

    i just rerolled a new toon since i have been away so long..

    question is, will my hero points still get credited when i reach lvl 11

  • @Taril.8619 said:

    @iNaddict.8021 said:
    I thought you cant interact with the challenges until level 11..?

    Only for new accounts. Accounts that already have existing characters have access to all account features they've unlocked on all characters on their account (So if you have a level 80, you have access to everything)

    @iNaddict.8021 said:
    question is, will my hero points still get credited when i reach lvl 11


    Or more accurately, you have already been credited with the hero points. You simply cannot access any of the ways to use them until level 11 when you gain access to utility skills.

    perfect thank you so much..

  • Danikat.8537Danikat.8537 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I can confirm that's how it works. I routinely do hero challenges below level 11 on new characters and the points will be there for you to use when you reach level 11.

    Occasionally there's been bugs where you could access the menu at lower levels by round-about methods (like using something which gave you a set of temporary skills) and when that happened it was possible to use the points earlier, but all the methods I've found have since been fixed. (Also it's pretty pointless because you could maybe unlock 1 skill early, and it doesn't take long to reach level 11 anyway.)

    It's confusing because everything works slightly differently. Skills are always locked until the character reaches the right level, hero challenges are locked for your first character but not for later ones, vistas and Points of Interest don't show up for your first character until they meet the level requirement but can still be completed if you find them, and so on. I think for each item it makes sense (if you bear in mind the goal is to avoid overwhelming brand new players with too many confusing icons and things to do) but it does make it hard to keep track of how everything works.

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  • Also, you will get enough hero points just from leveling to level 80 to complete all of your core trait and skill lines, so, while you will end up with enough at the end, you may want to pick and choose how you spend them at first. If there is a specific utility skill you want to unlock early on, save them up to get that trained, then spread them around to the other skill and trait lines. Once spent, there is no refund. :)

    Hero Challenges in core give you 1 point, the hero challenges in Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire give you 10 points. So don't panic when you see that the elite spec lines require 250 hero points to completely train. You will have plenty available when you get to the expansions.

  • alright... thank you so much