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Small group of 1980's nerds looking for new friends! [FATE] -[PVE] [SOCIAL] [Gilded Hollow GH]

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From Ashes They Emerge [FATE] is a family friendly casual/social guild started amongst a group of real life friends with a love for video games, technology, and having fun as a team since the glory days of GW1. We are a social community whose main presence lies on discord while also venturing into GW2 most nights and weekends. We've purposely kept guild membership at an intimate level to preserve a strong sense of community and fellowship. Throughout GW2's existence though, some folks have decided to take an extended break for various reasons and so we've made the decision to regrow our ranks by opening up our guild to the wonderful extended GW2 community! We currently have 8-10 active members who play GW2 (around 20 who participate in the discord community) and are looking for push that number to around 16-20 in GW2.

Community Highlights

  • Guild members: Diverse group, average age of members is late 30s - early 40s, most are parents with school-aged kids, most are from the East Coast with a few from the West Coast. We would prefer to stick with folks from the USA and on eastern time for now!
  • Active expansive Discord server for getting to know your guild mates through conversation throughout the day outside of game.
  • Primary play time: weeknights/weekends after 8pm EST.
  • Game modes focus: PvE: Guild Misisons, fractals, Meta events, dungeons, strike missions. WvW: Server: Jade Quarry (for WvW only)
  • Currently running mostly guild missions (2 days a week) weekly fractal training, strike missions and Meta Events when folks are interested.
  • Comms: Discord (voice isn't a requirement but we are a chatty bunch and coordinate in voice)
  • Guild Hall: Newly acquired Gilded Hollow approaching level 25.
  • Rep requirement: Represent during event participation only but welcome to rep beyond that.
  • Experience: We have a mix of newer and experienced players as well as veteran players looking to experience something new in game. As such, we enjoy being helpful to others and aren't shy about asking for help either.

Who we're looking for

  1. First and foremost nothing else matters if you're not respectful, friendly, social and behaviorally mature. We don't tolerate bullying, insensitivity, or prejudice against anyone's background, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, creed, etc. Being diverse and inclusive is part of what makes our community engagement rich and satisfying to be a part of.
  2. Folks interested in building a community based on the above principles and who enjoy socializing with folks of similar interests.
  3. Folks who live in the USA and who are able to join events between 8:30 and 10:30 Eastern time.
  4. Whether big or small, all guilds will have their pros and cons. We have every intention to keep our membership on the smaller end for the foreseeable future. The benefits to this are an enhanced level of camaraderie, not feeling like "a number", and direct impact towards the future and direction of the guild. If these are every bit as important to you, then let's talk!

Get in touch with us!

In Discord: Peaches#8535 or Squeeks#7996

In Game: Peacheznlace.3580 or Squeeks.1842


  • Looking for a few more friends!

  • While the title is deceptive, I am actually a 90's nerd born in the realm between the '89 and '91 and let me tell you it makes a difference. =)

    This ragtag group of misfit toys have made me feel more than welcome and comfortable. They are inviting to all and do not force events upon anyone. They have helped me accomplish legendary tasks for Astralaria even though I didn't ask for the assistance. They waited for me to log on to finish fractal runs because I needed them even though I was running late for the event.

    This is the guild you want to be social with and then play some game with.

    You could consider it FATE! HAHA I had to throw in that cheesy one liner.

  • I'll send an in game message. I've been thinking about reconnecting with some people closer to my age/playstyle. I am an old soul GW1-GW2 player central time!

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    Hey you! Yes, you looking at this forum post wondering if you actually fit in. Don't look away because now you are weirded out because you are having a conversation with a forum post from the past. Good you stayed. Let me tell you why you should stay longer. There is only one reason at thats because it is Fate.

    This guild is full of loving and wacky people that love to have a good time. We enjoy guild missions together and participate in fractals and strikes as a guild. Can I tell you a secret we beat Boneskinner when it was most of the groups first time even doing a strike and one person healing that had never healed before. We go along for the long haul to have fun and teach as we go.

    If that did impress you then maybe you should come hangout with us and see for yourself. We are doing the Halloween Ascent to Madness tonight as a guild run and we would be more than happy to have you tag along.

    Also, if you want to know if this is true and you don't believe me then let me tell you. I am only a member of this guild with no authority to the powers at be, and I am saying all of this to just tell you this guild is worth the chance.

    Talk to you soon!