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For all those who dont know how to rotate with a ranger on ur team

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Im going to talk primarly about core ranger ( my main) and decap druid (wich is pretty much the same) not sic em (this build is a roamer) . Condi soulbeast is included too but not full trapper core or druid (this build is useless dont play it plz).

The first point and the most important : ranger is bad at team fight and not good at 2v2ing (most 2v2) .

This means try to not push your ranger too 2v2 or 3v3 by rotating into him. Let the ranger 1v1 or 2v1 , ranger haw lot of self sustain it will kite and repush 1v1.

Take in mind ranger is good at two things , dueling and surviving a 2v1 but at the same time is the wort sidenoder at 2v2ing .

Ranger has almost dmg if the target kites out of node at most ranger can immob with both jacaranda or entangle.

This means only classes allowed to +1 r the ones with surprise high dmg burst wich are mostly power revenant and nades holo (burst on stealth and shiro power and high rotatiln speed) , reaper is good to but its easy to see a necro coming and kite out of node making all the rotation useless.

Take in mind if u +1 with a ranger u need to take a fast kill or let ranger decap/cap the point but thid has to be a fast rotation . Why? Because u can make a ranget wich is winning a 1v1 lose a 2v2 with u ( cuz ranger is bad at 2v2)

Imagine this situation , ranger is dueling a scrapper on a neutral node and u rotate into it but then someone of the other team rotates too and u couldnt kill the scrapper . Scrapper has a better 2v2 matchup agaisnt ranger .

Thief as a roamer class usually dont like +1 a ranger cuz thief has not the same big burst like power rev or nades holo .

Some common rotations:
Imagine u wipe at mid and there is a ranger 1v1ing on close , dont push close om respawn , just regroup (this is impportant) and push mid again . Why? If u push close on respawn enemy can generate a teamfight at ur close with ranger on it (pretty bad for u)

The common thing is enemy will push far ane try to kill ranger , but ranger can easily survive 2v1 or 3v1 while u regroup and easily win mid.

Gonna explain some comps
Whats the perfect comp to play with a ranger on ur team : thief/nades holo/reaper/suport/ranger . If u got this comp let ranger close while thief decap far or both nades holo thief push far.

Whats the worse thing to play with a ranger? Another sidenoder like weaver (condi weaver and lr weaver) othet ranger scrapper. Why? Cuz with two sidenoder if enemy comp has a decent team figh5 comp ( nades holo/reaper/suport) they will easily win u by playing two nodes . This will make one of the two sidenoders to team fight against a better team fight comp wich is pretty much a win while u cant rly push good 2v2 cuz ranger.


Rotate into a ranger with a suport build or a tanky one like condi rev bunker renegade scrapper deccap scrapper etc or almost any other sidenoder . If a thief tryes tl 2v2 with a ranger just unistall the game.

If ur ranger pusher far dont go with him , If u dying at mid dont go a node where ranger is cuz u will be followed into a 2v2 (bad bad) , if u stuck with a ranger at least on a neutral node but preferibl about it.

U obviosly can 2v2 and tank a node if obviosly the node is yours (not if ur a thief)

Why is ranger bit good at ranked but mot at at?

Cuz ranger has lot of winning matchups but at the same time it cant kill meta bunker sidenoders , at ranked u can pretty much trol a 2v1 and force ppl into node while getting kills out lf node like bad necrow with immob.

Thanks u for undertanding att a core ranger main