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My Completely Overpowered Skill Lists Updates

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edited September 13, 2020 in Professions

Note: This is an update of skills from my previous skill lists, as well as some additional information.

My Completely Overpowered Skill List #1:
My Completely Overpowered Skill List #2:

Notes for previous lists:

Overpowering Fear increases the victim's received Vulnerability stack limit by 100%. Therefore, the limit is 50 stacks, rather than 25. The use of the word "threshold" may have confused some.

I was incorrect with my skill descriptions for the following skills: Zoom, Fox's Promise.

Zoom: Superspeed amplify value is +250%, not 250%.

Fox's Promise: I was wrong that the base value of Ferocity is 1000 at level 80. Stock Ferocity value does not scale with level.
Even with that value, the skill would not deal 112,500 damage if both initial attacks critically hit.
At level 80 with 0 Ferocity (The base value at level 80. Base critical strike damage value: 150%), this skill would deal 67,500 damage over 2/4s. (2/4ths of a second.) (150% of 15,000 = 22,500) (150% of 30,000 = 45,000) (22,500 + 45,000 = 67,500)

Previous Skill Updates (All skills retain all of their previous effects, these are just buffs.)

"Never Retreat! Never Surrender! The Power Is Yours!" now rallies / revives all allies within the set radius from the downed / defeated state.
Charge distance is increased to 1500 units.
Unyielding now blocks the next 30 attacks.
Unyielding now negates any and all movement-impairing effects while also granting +100% increased movement speed.

Proficient Pair has had its name changed to "Indomitable Bond".
Your projectiles can no longer be reflected while under the effect of Indomitable Bond or the Rage Mode version of it.
The Launch and Pull from Rage Mode can no longer be Stun Broken and both last 5 seconds each.
Just imagine, you go to avenge your pet and the perpetrator breaks stun, then they pull out a shield to reflect millions of damage back at you. Nah. You're avenging your pet today.

Retaliation no longer has any effect against the damaging effects of the skills from the previous lists.