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More Deeply Discounted Fractal Encryption Keys for the new CM ?

So we are getting a new CM. But while doing CMs+dailies+recs I catch myself missing some Deeply Discounted Fractal Encryption Keys sometimes. With the new daily CM coming, we might need more than 30 keys to open all daily fractal encryptions if we are doing recs, so maybe make the limit at least 35 before it loses the discount would be a good idea ? I know I know, greed is a deadly sin, but still.


  • I wouldn't mind seeing them do that or something similar for the first week or two of the new fractal to get more people excited about doing fractals. If it means more people playing fracs ultimately then I would keep it permanently.

  • Currently CM 99+100 reward u with free stablized matrixes... which cant be sold.
    But u can sell them for 10 keys. Basically free keys for me. I dont even buy deaplu discounted keys bec they give lower solid gold output and profit

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    With Fractal God you already get ~70-80 Encryptions for a full run vs. the 30 Deeply Discounted Keys, so them not lining up isn't exactly anything new for some.
    I doubt they will update the reward structure for the content (even if Fractals and Raids really need that after all these years), beyond the new Weapons to get one time for some short time engagement, but it would be a welcome surprise ofc.

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  • Just sell the extra. Fractal have some of the best rewards ingame.

  • There will be a Fractal Event 2 weeks from now (iirc) , maybe there will be an extra discount then.