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[GOLD COMMISSIONS] High quality portraits!

Hey everybody! <3

I've been thinking about opening up some commission slots for gold!
Right now I've made a spread sheet about portrait commissions, but I also do half-body and full-body commissions! (Contact me for more information).
If you're interested then PM me here or contact me thru e-mail. (Listed on the picture below). You can see more of my work here https://elinaeltmaa.portfoliobox.net at the illustrations section! <3

  • I will need some screenshots of your character (total make-over kit screenshot, side and front screenshots and also a full-body one would be amazing)
  • A little backstory of your char, if you have one to capture their essence!
  • If you have any special wishes then let me know at the beginning (for an example - different hairstyle, eyecolor, weapons etc)

Portrait commission info

Half-body commission

I do art commissions for gold
Some examples here >