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Silverwastes achievements: Team wanted!

I was looking to get some of the harder things done in the silverwastes, like the rare monster spawn achievements and such. Mostly just wanting the masteries, but genuinely wanting to successfully do the events in that area. And also need help getting into the labyrinth. But I feel like I need more of a team for these events. Anyone out there that can help me achieve? I am only part of an old mostly inactive guild, and if there are busier guilds on top of all this, I would love to join to get more help and such.
You may contact me in discord, as well as in-game. My discord is iBen#sixfiveeightnine


  • Are there not still groups doing regular runs round the meta, chest farming and so on?

    @Biff.5312 said:
    Exercise your whimsy.

  • @Steve The Cynic.3217 said:
    Are there not still groups doing regular runs round the meta, chest farming and so on?

    Not on the maps I was on, at the times I was on. :(

  • Hesione.9412Hesione.9412 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm on a NA server, so my suggestions below may not be applicable to the EU servers.

    For the squads, squads automatically exit LFG when they hit 50 members. It is possible that there are no squads showing in LFG when you look, because of this reason.

    There tend to be more SW squads on the weekend. Are those possible days for you?

    There is a RIBA guild, with a Discord. Unfortunately I don't have the Discord information, or do I have anyone from that guild in my friends' list. However, if you see anyone with the RIBA guild name, whisper them for information. I am not aware of any other guilds regularly running RIBA, but I am sure they are out there!

    For the legendaries, the rule of thumb is that these are more likely to appear when the fort hits T4. The place one spawns is random, and it is possible for the same legendary to spawn twice. If you can get into an active map, my method for this was to stay at one colour and hope for that legendary to appear. The hit points for these got nerfed to almost oblivion so that if one is called out at Blue, and you are at Red, you're not going to get there in time. They seem to die quicker than most veterans in PvE. This is a slow method, but you are guaranteed to get every legendary. And you have move forts once you get your achievement for that one, in case another one spawns somewhere else.

    For the labyrinth, that only opens once the Vinewrath is killed. Up to that point, the entrance is covered in vines and there is no way in. If you end up arriving late to a successful map, you can still get into the labyrinth as it is open to everyone. The achievement is easiest with a mount (although I managed it before mounts existed, it was just horrible). Simply run straight down the path to the middle, no labyrinth turning required (not sure if this method existed before, I remember having to run around the kitten thing, but that could have been due to doing the story). But if the entrance is blocked because the meta wasn't finished, then there is no way to get this achievement. :(

    Good luck!