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Share love for your favorite professions here

Although I'm sure this subject has been discussed to death (I didn't scroll very far through all the threads), I'd like to talk about our favorite professions because I enjoy gushing over mine and reading about why others love theirs.

  • Why do you love the ones that you do?
  • What areas of the game do you primarily play?
  • How long have you been playing your favorite(s), and have you ever needed a break from it?
    • anything else you want to share!

Necro and Engi are my favorites.

As a WvW main, I just love having the ability to completely turn the favor of a fight when playing Necro. My long time main and most played class, it's one I seemingly never get tired of. For the 7 years I've played it there has only been one time that I was unable to enjoy myself, and that was for a few months shortly after POF release. Otherwise, I have a nearly daily moment of "god, I love this class so much." There isn't a single fight I find myself in where I wish I was on something else. The ability to strip/corrupt Boons and having such a tremendous amount of area pressure is so satisfying and fun to me. I have never been bothered by the fact that Necro struggles to handle focus fire or that it is generally immobile because I feel the strengths it possesses more than make up for it's weaknesses, and I enjoy how rewarding it can be to know how to position yourself and pick your targets. Unlike most things I've played I feel I can see the results of my actions a lot more clearly with Necro and it gives such a great sense of accomplishment.

With Engi I just enjoy the "in the moment" options that the class provides, something others don't seem to have. Depending on the build of course, it feels like I have a gadget to solve every problem. I love the versatility of Engi that allows me to play the same class in completely different ways, and I love that even skills that aren't the greatest are super fun to use. Engi feels like a toy box of excitement where everything has a bit of a surprise to offer under the right circumstances.

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    I've always been a ranger. From my early days of D&D back in the early 80s, ranger has been my favorite class in any game. GW2 is no exception. I have my ranger spec'd out with all three builds (core, soulbeast, druid) and with the template system I am able to easily swap between builds depending on my mood or what content I'm playing. I am a very casual open world PvE player which is where you will most likely find me when I'm in the game.

    I've always enjoyed having a pet for my character. In GW1, my team often counted on my to pull one or two enemies from the mobs to make dealing with them easier. In GW2, I've hot-keyed one of my mouse buttons to enable me to target and send my pet after an enemy while I attack a different foe. I enjoy working in tandem with my pet, too. My core ranger's main weapon set is sword/dagger and with my tiger pet I enjoy the ebb and flow of my attack patterns. Sure, I still enjoy the long-bow action when the situation calls for it.

    I enjoyed soulbeast a LOT before the recent change which locks my character into one pet at a time in combat. That actually helped me to migrate back to core, because I like having that option. Still, soulbeast has its moments where a little extra oomph that it gives over core is needed.

    I've recently delved into druid, but in OWPvE it really isn't much of a solo profession. I do enjoy using it when roaming and jumping in to whatever events or activities I happen to come across, or when exploring with my small group of friends I will often use the druid to support their more melee oriented preferences.

    I am a very casual player.

  • When I started playing gw2 I picked the necro because I always loved minion-based classes in rpgs. Unfortunately that was kind of a disappointment that was never fixed. But then came the Reaper, in a moment where I was actually switching to frontline oriented classes, and man did I love it. I never liked those classes who jump around all the time, and are glass cannons that must be protected. I always loved classes that like to stay in the thick of it, while doing big hits. I can't say that reaper hits every spot perfectly, but I love how he doesn't jump in the fight, rather he takes the fight to himself. I love how he lacks mobility, because it forces you to position wisely with what little tools you have, and also to make the best use of your dodges and rare moments of stability. If anything, I'd like a version of the reaper more oriented towards tanking, with more reliable ways to mitigate damage in all modes, and some more resistance to hard cc, possibly at the cost of some damage (though the necro isn't top dog in damage to begin with). Other than that, necro is still and will always be my favorite class.

  • I tried every class in this game and I actively play 6 of them. Almost only PvE.
    1. Thief — in every MMORPG, rogues and basicaly everything "assassin-themed" brings me pure fun. I love stealth and picking enemies one by one. It's just... I'm having fun backstabbing everything. As a Deadeye main, playing with rifle feels like a bounty hunter or true killer, especially while helping random people kill champs or bounties. I'm a solo player. Hunters work alone. My thief is 4 years old.
    2. Engineer — sometimes I don't want to be sneaky. Let's explode everything. I play my holo everytime I want to bring an utlimate destruction. Engi almost didn't exist for me before PoF. This is the best class if you want to play as a "glass cannon" but also with good survivability. Same as scrapper, but holo has Primary Light Beam; the most satysfying skill in GW2. Created 31.12.2018
    3. Revenant — I have created this character few months before Dragonfal map, but it's name is Sad Skyscale. The best thing about revenant is Renegade and high condi dps in raids and fractals.
    I play also: elementalist (my ultimate open world domination build), mesmer (as a mirage), guardian (only hfb in group content).

    What I don't play is:
    1. Necro — because I had very high expectations and necro was my first character. Core necro is garbage, reaper is basicaly "spin to win", and scourge is too slow + playing condi necro means hurting yourself. I hate it.
    2. Warrior — in every MMORPG it's almost always "an easy class for beginners". I spent 8 years playing Metin2. Warriors everywhere because warrior = winner. Warrior was "easy mode", and every other class was "hard mode".
    3. Ranger — I hate pets. I hate bows (exept SB on revenant). I hate rangers in GW2. I had to play it for HoT and PoF collections, but it was 24h of boring hell...

    Master of garbage builds and being useless.

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    I generally like the magical warrior archetype, assassins and magical deceptive. The classes in the order I played as main:


    Guardian is my main. I spent a period, early in HoT between rev and guardian. As time went on, I stopped playing rev. I hate chrono, so for the longest time I stopped playing Mesmer.

    Starting PoF I was entrenched in guardian, especially in sPvP. As time went by, I stopped playing anything else in sPvP. I still rotate in PvE. I play ranger and Ele. Thief fell out of favor for me. In the last few month, I have been playing more and more rev and Mesmer in PvE. Right now mesmer is my most played class, followed by rev, mostly renegade. Mirage, hands down, my favourite elite in the game. If I play sPvP, which is not much anymore, I only play guardian.

    I rarely play necro and very rarely engi. My least played elites are scrapper, scourge and holo. Holo specially.

  • Joe Schmoe.6981Joe Schmoe.6981 Member ✭✭
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    My "default" character choice has been, and always will be, the warrior. But it has to be a certain kind of warrior, like what you see in a game like this, or a game like say, Diablo 2. Multi-faceted warriors that can do a variety of things, like in this game, banners and shouts and whatnot. I've seen warriors poorly done, like in FF XIV. In there, they were just the dumb muscle big axe-wielding rage-filled "HULK SMASH!" characters, very one-dimensional (still my all-time favorite MMO though, don't get me wrong). Lots of cheap RPGs do this as well, just make them the "Guys that bring the red/STR-flavored damage". Very boring. I'm into the Sun-Tzu/Zhuge Liang/Musashi/David Goggins/Jocko Wilink kind of warriors.

    Otherwise, I'll typically try each class at least once. But in this game, with the exception of maybe the thief, (the engineer and guardian I don't plan on playing as I don't care for them for one reason or another, at least not yet anyway), I ended up coming back to my warrior.

    Oh, for what it's worth, here's a previous thread post about how I chose my main.

  • I love my Elementalist. In any sort of fantasy RPG I'm typically drawn to the mage class(es) first, and when I started GW2 I was expecting to main a Mesmer. Still, I decided to make a bunch of characters and try them to level 5 before fully committing.

    I couldn't get into Necromancer, despite liking their aesthetic and profession ability. Death Shroud is super cool thematically, but doesn't tick any boxes for my playstyle otherwise. Feels too slow. When I played Mesmer I couldn't get into the clones and the shatters. I spend half the fight building up clones to blow them up, or the mobs die before I even get to use them? No thanks.

    But the Elementalist? All action. I know that's what a lot of people don't like about it, or why it's considered a more difficult class, but honestly it's the most fun playstyle I've found for me. Having access to 4 move sets almost constantly means you're always gonna have a button to push. You've got healing and defense for really dangerous situations, plenty of utility, and can still burst down enemies with fire and lightning. And all those things I enjoy about it were dialed up to 11 when I unlocked Weaver and started running around with a sword, hopping in and out of combat, and stacking shields.

    Elementalist is my true love, and while I've leveled up my Mesmer and am working on other classes in the meantime, I always have to go back to my Ele to get my fix of fast paced action.

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    I’ve been playing for 4 or 5 years (or even more, I don’t remember). It took me all those years to finally find my true favorite profession (Ranger). I would change favorites every week or month lol. My other favorites were Warrior, Guardian, Engineer, but now they can’t even compete with Ranger. I still really like those three, but Ranger is ‘the one’.

    I honestly can’t find one thing I don’t like about Ranger. I love the theme/concept of animals and nature; being a medium-armor profession; the pet mechanic and having your companion with you; the elite specs. (especially Soulbeast); being able to play my two favorite weapons, the bow and daggers (thank you Soulbeast for main-hand dagger!). And I’m probably forgetting something :P

    Overall I just have a great time playing Ranger (I’m playing condi Soulbeast), and it wouldn’t feel right to play any other profession :)

    Forgot to mention: I play openworld.

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    So I have three, yes three. So bare with me.

    Warrior: The simplistic nature of it, being strong in the face of magic and monster alike? Being someone who charges into battle unafraid and is willing to die fighting or protecting loved ones. You're both a monster to your enemies and a bastion for your allies, you hold the ground so they can push the advance and you become unwavering in your practice; Whether through rage or discipline you rip survival from your enemies teeth and put them where they belong. On the ground, in a pile. From Conan the barbarian to Grommash Hellscream (WoW) I've always loved the simplistic Idea of someone through sheer physical might and willpower standing against those who would dare to challenge them. Magic wont stop them, weapons cant stop them, men and armies try and fail and even gods and monsters come to know the name of warriors of renown. Truly one can make a legendary warrior; To think someone can out fight a necromancer, or a messmer or a guardian as a sheer physical fighter? It just sounds and feels powerful. Epic even. (Since launch, not as often now since the balance patch..)

    Ranger: I've always loved pets, and pet classes. From Diablo 2 with my druid shapeshifting with his pack, or his bear and rampaging with the power and heart of the wilds. The idea of traversing the world with a loyal companion whom may even be stronger than you? Its such a romantic idea of fantasy settings. Never alone but always technically on "your" own. Two kindred spirits on a journey to find a better tomorrow, and the brightest of places only to then march through darkness and war to another day. The only thing I feel like honestly Ranger is missing? More fantastic beasts, we have a lot of playing fauna we see alot in our world but we don't have many prehistoric or mystical creatures and thats a shame. Id of loved to trapse through elona with a hydra by my side, or a land shark. Im hoping cantha delivers and gives me some truly monstrous and ravishing pets of both divine and savage origin. (Just like it did in GW1) I love my two rangers, and I love the idea that "I am the hunter, and they are the prey." Motif that they display. (more of late, but going on six years.)

    Revenant: Now this is from my love of the world, the lore and the past. I loved guild wars 1 as a kid; And the idea to be able to channel people I MET IN THE FLESH and use the power they displayed? Epic. The idea of channeling and communing with the mists, a primordial sentient power source of endless potential and limitless expanses of ever changing souls and memories? Im down. And to top it all of it looks like a demon hunter from WoW, one of the classes I played the most and enjoyed the most when I tried it. Honestly There is NOTHING outside of the nerfs and how borked the class is right now, to not like about revenant as its one of the most unique classes in our game currently... I just wished it got treated better. (Since HoT, but honestly? I haven't really been enjoying them of late. Honestly probably going to be that way till end of dragons.)

    (Now if only they'd add a werebeast/shapeshifter class/spec. Id love to be a big ol'werebear with the rip'n'tear playlist running through my ears as I do my various game modes of choice.)

    Im also a WvW primary player, with The other modes coming here and there. Honestly though the game hasn't felt very good since February and I might be taking an "Extended Hiatus" while I come back for episode unlocks but bide my time till End of Dragons... its clear the game is going to continue to devolve into... well whatever it is they want WvW to be... (Which is not the mode I apparently like.)

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    I'm mainly Guardian at the moment, but I used to main Elementalist.
    I have 11 characters so I have all professions and 2 of Revenant, Thief and Elementalist.
    Guardian is my main since I gave it a chance, I thought it was a profession focused on healing and defense, luckily I was totally mistaken, and I also didn't know it could use magic weapons, that's why I gave the Guardian a chance. I started leveling and loving the skills, because my favorite color is blue and any blue theme already attracts me, the staff was weird and weak but the scepter made up for it. When I finally reached level 80 and got the Dragonhunter, it was at that time that I thought "This is my best character and this is what I will focus on", Longbow is strong and has beautiful VFX, perfect for me.
    The Elementalist was already being a disappointment, as the name is Elementalist but it was meant to be a fire wizard actually. The skills of the other elements are very weak, as the intention is for you to have a dance of elements, and this is boring because there is no other option. And what I want even more is an ice or water wizard, anything other than fire. I have tried countless builds and the only one that compares with Dragonhunter is Air Tempest, my Elementalist is currently using this build, it is not what I like but it is the closest I can get. I wanted to talk about each of my characters, but the text would be huge.
    But the profession I like least is the Necromancer, because you find Minionmancer in every corner of the map and this is the worst thing, it is a very strong Build and requires almost no effort to defeat some Bosses that are very difficult for other classes.

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    I love his theme, and how tanky he is. I generally enjoy battle mage stereotype and if it's full of boon hate along with green/black theme to it...well i'm sold.
    But it doesn't end there. I also love how deep and customizable his builds can be. Many mistake "easy to play" with "shallow and simple". This couldn't be further from truth for a necro. Because he has no blocks/evades/invulnies etc wonder defenses, the question of survivial is delegated to his stats, and multiple defensive swiss knife style skills - each being a tool for a certain situation, none perfect answer to all. Since he gets a lot of free stats to compensate the lack of wonder defenses, he can run a phletora of builds and use various gear sets that other professions would have no business getting near. He never gets boring for me!

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    I've been in game since nearly the beginning and have made/deleted 80's of every race/class--and I'm always drawn to Mesmer due to its 'uniqness.' Cloning myself and shattering my images (especially with the broken mirror sound), keeps me logging on to play--no matter how much my skills are trumped by other classes.