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[NA][PvE] The Zephyr Knights [WIND] Looking for Veteran, Casual & New Gamers!

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The Zephyr Knights [WIND] we are recruiting both veteran, casual and new members into our ranks!

Who We Are:
We are a 5-year-old guild that focuses on PvE content of all kinds. Our members are a mix of new and veteran players, with some of us starting our Tyrian journey back in the days of Guild Wars, while other members have forged close friendships in Guild Wars 2.
Through many adventures, this single guild has grown from just a small group of friends and family to a guild that composes of over 300 members.

What to Expect:
We are primarily a North American guild, however, we do have members who are located around the globe. We do not have structured WvW or PvP events, but we do focus on events such as Fractals, Strike Missions/Raids, Dungeons, and World Boss Trains among other smaller in-game events.

What we Offer:
-Level 69 Gilded Hollow Guild Hall (daily harvesting nodes, various buffs that can be found in our tavern.
-Discord: Which is full of text and voice channels for you to use and interact with guild leadership and other members.
-We encourage all members to join and to be active in our discord. Discord is one of the major foundations of the guild as it is often where important announcements are made, where we gather for events, or just to chat with our fellow guildies. Of course, no pressure, voice chat isn’t required, but instead talk to us in chat to get to know us!
-Advice and help with gear progression/leveling/specializations, feel free to ask us questions, a person knowledgeable will be able to assist you.
-Seasonal Events: Halloween & Wintersday in particular.

What You NEED to Know:
-100% guild rep is not required.
-Involvement is key. You get what you put into the guild.
-There will be many open opportunities for growth into both low-level and high-level leadership.
-Our peak time is on evenings and weekends (roughly after reset).

Who To Contact:
-Feel free to leave a message in this forum post or contact either DivineBenediction.1870, merislaw. 7053 or South. 4867 for an invite.