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[NA][PvE] The Zephyr Knights [WIND] Looking for Veteran, Casual & New Gamers!



  • Current player looking for new guild. Could I get an invite? ^^

  • invite sent!

  • Howdy!! Are you guys still looking for new folks? I recently got back into GW2 after a fair hiatus (Pre PoF!), and I'm looking for a new community of folks to hopefully quest and explore with! I work night shift (Mountain Standard time), for another couple of months before its back to days. Hopefully that won't be an issue!

  • Looking for a guild rn to level and im new -_-

  • I wanna join in too, but I want an active discord to join.
    send an invitation to

  • Hello,
    I am a returning player, I played Gw1 and have been on Gw2 since the beta tests. I would love an invite and experience the features I have missed, raids and strikes. I am also an avid fractal runner and can offer support if needed for newer member wanting to start running fractals.

  • invites have been all sent out!

  • Thank you!! Already settling in! I feel very welcome ^^

  • I could use an active guild also. Today marks one week of playing for me. Though I do have ancient experience with GW1...

  • invite sent!

  • Hey there, I'm looking for a guild to join. I'm new to the game and I'm going to be pretty active. Surgeon.9341 is my name. Shoot me an invite please!

  • Hi there, new player looking for a guild, NA West player that's fairly active but at random times. Coming from WoW so this is pretty new to me in most aspects.

  • Hey guys, I'm a returning player and am looking for a guild to join I focus on mostly PvE though I am new to fractals and raids.

  • I have been looking for an active guild for a while and have been back for maybe a year or less now. My other half plays along with me and was wondering if you had room for 2 Vet GW2 players that has recently returned. We haven't tried fractals or anything of the like. We're playing catch up since the 4 to 5 year absence so, if you have the room it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • invite sent!

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • would love to get an invite. Need some help in quite a few things hehe <3! See you inside!

  • Hello, hope you are still recruiting if so may I get an invite? Pretty active and would be fun to progress through the game with a guild.

  • Hello,

    I just started back playing again. I am currently an level 62 warrior. I am working on getting to level 80 and then would like to buy expansions and go through those. Would love to do some dungeons. I mostly play PVE but would be open to WvW or PvP.

    Would love an invite.


  • I would like to get an invite, just started playing again.

  • invites sent out!

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • Hey, I'm a new (returning) player looking for more people to be social with and learn from. I started playing years ago around launch with some friends but they left the game and i decided to start anew since I have forgotten everything. I'm just a casual just looking to progress and do stuff with people!

  • I'm a on and off player since beta, looking for a guild to try and get invested with for a long time, interested in all manners of PVE, could I get an invite?

  • Hi! I'm a recently returned player looking for a more active guild. I'm still unlocking map, but will go anywhere I can reach to offer support/be cannon fodder. (Never can tell which one it's going to be until after the fact though, haha.) I'm definitely PVE based for now, as I rediscover/try to remember how to play the game. Looking forward to an invite, if one should come. Thank you for consideration. :)

  • Hi. Returning player that left after finishing HoT. Does your guild do training for raids? Interested in joining

  • invites sent out!

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • hi, i'm a returning player getting back into the game, interested in joining as well!

  • invite sent!

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • Hey I am a very new player who just discovered guild wars 2 while in search for a new mmorpg to sink hopefully hundreds of hours into not too long ago! I am a casual player who prefers to solo play but still enjoys being in a community of people to learn from and play with on occasion. I'm not looking for something too serious as I get frequently busy, but I saw this here and read the litter description posted a year or so ago and am shooting my shot :D I do hope that it's still accurate to todays version of this guild

  • Hello!
    Me and my wife (HONEYGUILD.4726) are casual players who play maybe 2-6 hours a week - interested in joining your friendly guild!

  • Hi, I have recently picked this game back up and would be very interested in this guild!

  • Hello! I have bought this game with HoT and PoF recently and has 1 lvl80 warrior atm, may I join your guild please?

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • @DivineBenediction.1870 said:
    we're still looking for new members!

    Great! So how do i get invited?

  • @KazKazath.2098 said:

    @DivineBenediction.1870 said:
    we're still looking for new members!

    Great! So how do i get invited?

    I have already sent you a guild invite, check your guild panel to accept.

  • Hey! Im a Current player who is relatively new could I join?

  • Hello, guys! I'm a somewhat new player, exploring the first steps past lvl 80. I would love to join you guys!

  • Hey! wondering if there are still opening in the guild! just started to play this game recently, was way too lonely to play by myself!

  • Hey, so I've been playing on and off since launch but have been looking for a consistent guild to help me learn the ropes of the PvE endgame and such (when I get there, I'm rerolling to a mesmer atm). If there's still an available spot I'd love to join!

  • invites all sent out!

  • Hi, returning player, looking for a guild just like this! Seems like a perfect fit :)

  • invite sent!

  • we're still looking for new members!

  • I am a returning player if you are still recruiting. Looking for a home, hoping to jump into the new stuff added since I last played about 5 years ago.

  • I am a returning player and my old guild has died. After getting hooked again, I started realizing how much content this game has and would love to experience it with others. Hope there is a spot open :)

  • Returning old player here. Looking for some guild fun if still open.