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Map completion stats in API (for alts, all maps)

Hi guys,
I have a lot of chars, and many people do that. And I always find it hard to navigate who has what and where can I take what character. It would be really nice to have not only the % of core Kryta showed on login, but also have a way to see your poi/hp/vistas starts for all other maps, all expansions and seasons. Cause mainly 80 lvlvs spend time there now. Mb gw2efficiency could cover that through API. I would buy a feature like that.
I wonder what community thinks?


  • I dont think the API provides that kind of info. I would expect it to be part of this:

    But that page only has info about heropoints, but nothing about hearts, poi's and vista's :/

  • Yes, that is why I think it would be cool to add this data to the API. Such a time-savior

  • Ok, i agree on that. I think the API needs more <3 , but i doubt that it's going to happen...

  • Makes me sad.. But true. Since I'm probably the only one who is asking for it, looks like it at least. Thanks for answers though !

  • Greetings Barva.6187
    An API would be great but an easy way is to Hit M for map and zoom into visible areas and on the left is icons tthat when you point to it will highlight unknown ones. I know you probably already know this just thought I would mention it..

  • Agree that this would be a great addition to the API. Could start with Total % complete (would be nice to have on character select as well). Then per map % complete.