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Slyvari/Human - colourblind, help pls!


Is there a way to make a sylvari look as human as possible?

I am slightly colour-blind, so sublties in color are hard for me. Which sylvari skin tone look most like a white human female?


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    Have you tried colorblind googles? thay will prob not fix your problem 100%, but will make color more contrast, so you will can see dif eazier

    Also race are not impactful in gw2 so don't worry if you can't recognize one of them

    Sylvari have 2 thinks

    thay body and hair usualy will light despend from time of day

    Also sylwari don't have hairs, thay have some kind of flowers/leaves/twigs

  • For human-ish leaf options for Sylvari females, I would suggest this one:

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  • If you go onto the skin colour selection and press the arrow all the way to the right until youre at the very end and then press left once you will have all the human skin colours at the bottom row for your preference excluding the very left one thats blue :pensive:

    although they are more yellow toned rather than peach. I'd personally reccomend a grayscale colour, at the very left of the choices top row 4th from the left you have a gentle grey colour.

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  • As a player with mostly sylvari characters, I've played around with this in the past and don't recommend it. My take is that trying for human skin tones on sylvari leads you into uncanny valley. It's close enough to be similar, but far enough to look really weird.

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    Wearing a hat usually removes the hair/twigs, so that's one solution.


    @Marissa.4796 said:

    Is there a way to make a sylvari look as human as possible?
    I am slightly colour-blind, so sublties in color are hard for me. Which sylvari skin tone look most like a white human female?

    I'm not sure why this is important. You are the one that will be looking at your character the most, so the most important colors/character appearance choices are what you decide is best, not what others may see. Or is there another goal? Trying to make a sylvari like a specific character/personality/you-tuber? ;)

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    My sylvari with Pale Pink skin looks pretty similar to a human. I'm standing next to a human female for reference.

  • @Danikat.8537 said:
    It's not really possible, you can come kind-of close, but they'll always look like a sylvari with human-ish features rather than a human.

    IMO the nearest skin tones to a white human are either Sunwood or Sandlewood (click the right arrow twice, then they're in the bottom row, 3rd and 4th from the left). They're a bit yellowish and a bit grey around the lips and eyes but it's closer than any available shade of pink, which are all too pink. You can also use the Pale Pink skin pattern colour (first one on the top row) to make some parts of their skin look a bit closer (white people's skin is often more beige with pink undetones) but depending on the pattern you choose it can either look like they have some kind of skin condition or bad sun burn. Oh and don't forget to turn glow down to minimum so it doesn't show.

    For hair I recommend going for a shade of black rather than brown, because on most styles the browns have green shading, which instantly reinforces that it's leaves and not hair.

    You can't do anything about the leafy underwear or the leaf pattern on their skin excepting hiding it. Honestly if you want to make a sylvari and then pretend they're human your best bet might be just to put them in armour (or an outfit) which hides as much of their skin and hair as possible.

    But here's my best attempt, using the choices I mentioned above:

    this is fantastic, thank you!