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[EU] Casual & Training PVE guild, Thracians [THR] is recruiting!



  • I'm a pretty new player with decent MMO experience. I have a lvl 80 Berserker Warrior and I'm looking to get into fractals and eventually Raids.

  • @Dean.3056 said:

    @Zorael.9184 said:
    Hello! A newbie to GW2 here - I'd be really interested to join your guild - my rl job doesn't allow me to play that much, but when I can, I'd love to be part of a casual, social community!

    @INFAMOUS.9521 said:
    Hey! I'm looking to get more into raiding. Hope I can join the training runs!

    Invites sent.> @Myuhhhh.4178 said:

    Hey! I'm a level 80 elementalist, relatively new to GW2, been doing mostly story stuff, but am now starting on dungeons, PVP and WVW, would love to learn more and become a member! Can I ask what server you guys are generally on?

    The guild is not PvP or WvW oriented. We do have PvP / WvW mentors that people can rely on for asking question or some players that do that content regularly but the focus of the guild is casual meaning it is for everyone and there is a shoulder to lean on for help / training and small groups of semi / hardcore content.

    That sounds great! One of the things I find a bit hard with GW2 is a lot of people seem very serious and I worry about just playing for fun and not being as good/experienced so a more casual vibe would be wonderful.

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    invites sent :)

  • Hello,

    I tried reaching out in game, but you may have missed my /w so trying here.
    I am a fairly new player so by no means experienced. I play Necromancer at lvl 80, but currently also leveling an Alacrity Renegade to have an option that is more useful to groups in general.

    It would be great to be part of an english speaking community to learn and train with, if you will have me.

    Kind greetings,

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    Friendly bump :)

  • Got excited while reading this post.

    I'm a returning player, did the solo/storyline and stopped there. Now I got some free time on my hands and got back into the game, but this time I'd like to explore the co-op side of the game. I've started gearing up for fractals and after reading through the comments, I think I'd fit in quite nicely.

    Best regards,