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Genesis Awakes [EDEN] - Building a casual friendly guild

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Genesis Awakes [EDEN] we are recruiting both veteran and new casual members into our ranks!

We are an EU guild that focuses on PvE content of all kinds. That’s not to say no one will venture into PvP occasionally. We are allied with a larger guild who are supporting us to create a more casual environment for players who are new to the game and those who wish to progress or chill at a slower pace.

  • Gilded Hollow Guild Hall - All guild buffs available and at max
  • Discord: Which is active and has text and voice channels for you to use and interact with members.
  • Help and advice whilst levelling up and the knowledge of other players in guild and the alliance of what to do at 80.
  • Guild missions weekly, dungeons when you need them and low level fractal help to get you started.
  • 100% guild rep is not required. We want you to choose to represent us yourself not be forced

Who To Contact:

-Feel free to leave a message in this forum post or contact me in game @ occi.7089 for an invite