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The 15th King and Queen's Horrorween (2020)

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Mad King Thorn, Daniel Frozenwind & Mad Queen Malafide present:



Come one - come all to The 15th King and Queen's Horrorween!

Tyria's oldest community event returns to the Guild Wars franchise for its ominous 15th anniversary.

The Snowman King on behalf of her majesty Mad Queen Malafide cordially invites you all to attend this grand Halloween caper.
Featuring the famous costume contest, live in-game bands and fan favourite activities you have all come to know and love!
It is not to be missed, we bring frights and delights!


Ancient magic is stirring once more in the port-city of Lion's Arch .
However, the chill autumn wind feels slightly more potent as Halloween approaches.
265 years of concentrated madness, mischief and merriment has caused an unforeseen crisis.
While Tyrians sleep, The Mad Realm exerts its influence, causing dreams to manifest as nightmares.
Mad King Thorn* is using these empowered Night-Mares to cause even more mayhem then usual.
Mortals are in peril as the Demented Monarch has set his sights on bringing forth a Legendary Bone Skinner at the 13th hour.
All is not lost however, an elusive and mysterious Night-Catcher has been spotted sprinting about the roof tops catching these rogue spirits, for what end?
Aurene's Champion and allies are summoned to investigate.
Join Frozenwind & Malafide as they race against time to restore and burn the Wickerman.
This must be done before the Witching Hour strikes, or the Night-Mares become real forever!

*He may kill you in the process.


Although Halloween has lain dormant, there comes a time.
When revellers awaken, and hear the bell chime.
Ghouls stir in patchwork beds and skeletons arise from dusty tombs.
Drawn by the Horror, this magic - the greatest of boons.

The Mad Monarch Thorn, calls to one and all.
Away from Palawa, and the tar of his thrall.
With him stands Malafide, Queen supreme.
And an Old Snowman, a merry one indeed.

They wait for you to arrive, beneath the cold Mad Moon.
For the 15th tradition - is bound to begin soon.
So linger a while, under the pale moonlight.
The Horrorween is here, it's time to fright and delight!

Sponsored Guild(s)

  • Guardian's of the Dutch [GOTD] (For donating the vast majority of event prizes & hosting event TeamSpeak)
  • [CMAJ] for providing the famous live band "The Ghostly Quartet".


17:30 | The Night Catcher
18:00 | Introduction / Will-O'-Wisps
18:30 | Last is First / Lunatic Royale
19:00 | Phantasmal Parade
19:30 | Spooky Scary Skimmers
20:00 | The Ghostly Quartet a.k.a Minstrels of Grenth
20:30 | Wolf Pack
21:00 | Cauldron Conundrum
21:30 | Blasphemous Beetle-Boost
22:00 | "Restoring Grenth's fashion sense" Costume Contest
22:30 | Mad King Says / Pumpkin Bobbing
23:00 | The Night Flight
23:30 | The Nightmare Cometh (Wicker Ritual)
00:00 | The Witching Hour - Finale Firework show
00:30 | The After Party & The Community Spirit Award


How do I take part?

  • The event shall be held on EU servers, in Lion’s Arch, on the 24th of October, starting at 6pm CEST!
  • All you have to do is attend, take part in the festivities, and fabulous prizes will be in store for you.

Help, I’m not on an EU server, or I can’t make it!

  • Not to worry! There are other ways to take part in the festivities, we have a fabulous raffle that you can join.
  • A work around is to create a free account, if you win anything big at the event we will gladly mail it to your main account!

Twitch Coverage




  • Daniel Frozenwind.2946Daniel Frozenwind.2946 Member ✭✭✭
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    To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the oldest community event in the history of Guild Wars, we are holding a spooktacular Halloween art contest. To enter, post a Halloween art piece that you created, including one of the event's hosts, or both.

    Link to contest


    The top three best art pieces will each receive a grand prize (see below). The winners will be announced at the end of October, after the Horrorween event, and their prizes will be mailed to them in game. The Queen is eager to soon frame your marvelous creations on the walls of her icy palace.

    1ST PLACE PRIZE: 200 gold and a highly coveted Llama mini

    2ND PLACE PRIZE: 100 gold and a precursor weapon

    3RD PLACE PRIZE: 50 gold and a precursor weapon

    (With possibly more prizes to follow)


    Pick a number between 1 and 200, and we’ll randomly draw five winners from that list, during the event.
    Just pick one number and your character name, and post in this thread which number you’ve chosen.
    You can’t take a number that has already been picked, and one number per account.
    Some folks may receive a different number automatically, if they choose a number that is already taken.
    Without a character name, we can’t send you the prize.
    Make sure you spell it right.
    And yes, US players can take part as well!
    Raffle extended to 200 due to overwhelming interest.

  • Daniel Frozenwind.2946Daniel Frozenwind.2946 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 4, 2020


    The Attire of Autumnal Awesome Costume Contest
    This year we have another costume contest of course.
    Our ghastly group of judges will be lending their dark votes to this tradition.
    Best male, female, and "Ugly Stick" win special prizes and maybe something exclusive from the gem store! Dress your spookiest!

    We have a Legendary prize in store for one Tyrian (but it is a secret, and anyone who knew about the prize has been buried alive).
    Simply attend the event to have a shot at this prize.

    A masterfully witty scavenger hunt to re-build the Wickerman, presented in five stages throughout the event.
    The first person to successfully gather the parts required will be rewarded in a big way!

  • Daniel Frozenwind.2946Daniel Frozenwind.2946 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 25, 2020


    1 couplez.2596
    2 Jean Green.7208
    3 Smrtokril.2369
    4 Misty.1652
    5 DarkWarrior.2697
    6 Dragonzephir.6197
    7 Otaktay.5074
    8 DeathDealer.7961
    9 ShaunIOW.1672
    10 AriaSilverfyre.8702
    11 Cifex.7184
    12 cephas.4158
    13 Treize.3578
    14 Inril.5124
    15 Bursulskel.7805
    16 Tonny.5908
    17 TwangyMouse.2469
    18 Graywolf.3701
    19 Fetus.1390
    20 Phoenix.7421
    21 jewelss.1742
    22 Deathmortus.7852
    23 Aesma.8230
    24 Gral.9435
    25 Appelflap.5017
    26 GenGod.7412
    27 Mrs Hedgehog.9021
    28 neviril.4281
    29 Vespertilionidae.5018
    30 Trinzle.5910
    31 Dondarrion.2748
    32 Ceddwen.7260
    33 Algo.2698
    34 Ikhana Graveyard.1058
    35 JoieJackters.7932
    36 GuildBurrito.8135
    37 Rairon.8437
    38 folkaBiceps.6789
    39 Baulwulf.5148
    40 Silvia.9130
    41 vangual.9027
    42 Wyndsetter.1604
    43 Beckie.3580
    44 Flowtactics.8402
    45 Rhylen.1936
    46 Zubuzz.9307
    47 Reviliox.2415
    48 Moonshine.1742
    49 Adorabelle.7193
    50 Nekres.1038
    51 My Attack Will Kill.7816
    52 Nogothanc.5014
    53 Ashwolf.1839
    54 ChampionMasquerade.5283
    55 Shala Jarias.9456
    56 DarkSilk Angry.5970
    57 stuffles.6734
    59 Seb.2315
    60 Kaias.9246
    61 Threads.6489
    62 Applewater.8702
    63 abandoned.5073
    64 akase.8420
    65 shooter.4709
    66 Hellschream.4812
    67 Halloween.3506
    68 Nikiro.1937
    69 BadKitty.5426
    70 Lukas.3624
    71 flarezi.9381
    72 Cainsiderate.5817
    73 Valaeia.2583
    74 Beck.3496
    75 Pottum.4317
    76 DianTheJoker.4372
    77 The Sneaky Gamer.5628
    78 Phtolemy.9402
    79 Spooky.5940
    80 Harvest the Witch.8125
    81 Mirao.5862
    82 MidnightX.6294
    84 Sapphirine.1023
    85 Joey Lanuza.1479
    86 Eldarion the Warden.1437
    87 Lauwauw.7035
    88 petroczitamas.9862
    89 Strittie.6159
    90 Shadow.6094
    91 JamaineEra.1369
    92 Saucroqevus.3549
    93 TonysoN.4835
    95 Raven.9514
    96 falco.1840
    99 TealDeer.4217
    100 Leo.5124
    101 Varyu.5860
    102 Megis.9264
    103 kageling.6523
    105 Ferjz.3640
    106 gousgou.5438
    107 Aiyoku.8265
    108 Listaruth.9610
    109 Kyonmaru.8549
    110 Yailith.4056
    111 Eclypse.2948
    112 ricopinto.8573
    113 polarrah.4869
    114 Canelas.7826
    115 Runic.8617
    116 ShadowWalker.8043
    117 AresGuildwars.6372
    118 tirre.4219
    119 MuaDDiB.4653
    121 Erphriz.4608
    122 MadMeggzie.1432
    123 Kwestor.2051
    124 Flannel.8210
    125 Heytukan.5024
    126 MadMel.3546
    127 eTrollet.4708
    128 gorz.8739
    129 Pandan.4659
    130 Adaba.4635
    131 Juliee.1862
    132 AngelArchangel.2106
    133 Valsterina.7085
    134 RedSparrow.9350
    135 Tortellini.2197
    137 NightDreamer.7423
    139 Aristrae.1596
    140 Loomit.2457
    141 pirateninjalover.3452
    142 Creiw.1659
    144 Sarlius.6514
    145 Ozz.6250
    146 Odinius.9826
    149 Eternalfly.3025
    150 lordloganof.8027
    151 ShazzaP.5392
    152 rezag.5401
    155 BiFiMoN.7582
    157 MorganOneNine.1025
    158 Soulentra.7180
    160 AlexisToran.5719
    161 CamperDeath.2301
    162 Shelby.3460
    164 Avalan.2750
    165 agraf.5148
    166 Maowa.6028
    167 SpongeCake.7392
    168 HerrDepence.1630
    169 MoZ.9143
    170 SabreMogDawg.9673
    172 crazyatblay.9325
    173 Schmausil.7024
    176 Shorty.1753
    178 Aeriq.7239
    180 joeyw.9531
    182 pat.3026
    183 iAmGiel.4169
    184 Seven.7192
    185 Heothas.2981
    186 ArcticEcho.2076
    188 Neil.6025
    192 Moonshine.1742
    195 Linkdark.1327
    198 TheDornishSpear.2597
    199 crypt.4275
    200 Ziph.1654

  • Leo.3428Leo.3428 Member ✭✭✭

    Thank you for organizing this!
    How do we all make sure to be on the same map instance? Will there be temporary squads created for hopping into the same instance?

  • @Leo.3428 said:
    Thank you for organizing this!
    How do we all make sure to be on the same map instance? Will there be temporary squads created for hopping into the same instance?

    It's the best time of the year!
    We will provide LFG TAXI's to the event instance. :)

  • Hard to believe it's been that long already! I remember attending and helping out with the festival back in GW1. It was so much fun!

    With that said, we drop our names with a number here for the "I'm not on a EU server Raffle" thing, right?
    So I'm going to throw down with:

    10 Aria Silverfyre

    Guild Leader of The Gryphons Aerie [REST], a NA-based, PvE family.

  • Shala Jarias.9456Shala Jarias.9456 Member
    edited October 5, 2020

    Pretty cool! It'll try to attend

    ## 55 Shala Jarias

  • I'll try and be there!

    62 Pooty Applewater

  • MidnightX.6294MidnightX.6294 Member ✭✭✭

    good luck all
    82 Sanivia

    Nothing to see here - move along.

  • Hallo, here from NA seeking entry into the raffle!

    99 Seshat Truthspeaker

  • edited October 5, 2020

    29 please Drychsyllu

  • Thank you organizers!

    88 Prim Pannonia

  • Algo.2698Algo.2698 Member ✭✭

    I atttended the event last year and it was fabulous. I encourage everyone to participate this year !!
    A big thanks to our beloved queen for organizing this event this year.

  • Treize.3578Treize.3578 Member ✭✭
    edited October 5, 2020

    Finally the spooky season started

    13 Trixx Wankelmut

  • This seems fun I'll definitely check it out :D as for the raffle...
    28! Caoimhe Mae

  • Can't wait for the halloween event^^ Favourite event of the year for me!

    Raffle Pick for me:
    45 Wreathyla

  • Awesome! Can't wait for the event, never participated before.

    1 Balted Ben

  • Mad Queen Malafide.7512Mad Queen Malafide.7512 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 5, 2020

    @AriaSilverfyre.8702 said:
    Hard to believe it's been that long already! I remember attending and helping out with the festival back in GW1. It was so much fun!

    I remember you attending Aria darling! It is truly wonderful to see people like you still attending our lovely event, who have been with it since the start.

    @Algo.2698 said:
    I atttended the event last year and it was fabulous. I encourage everyone to participate this year !!
    A big thanks to our beloved queen for organizing this event this year.

    Thank you kindly darling! The Queen is looking forward to seeing you at the festivities.

  • 3 Smrtokril gl :)

  • Looks very fun, count me in
    6 Dragonzephir

  • Dondarrion.2748Dondarrion.2748 Member ✭✭✭

    Cool contribution to the community, marked my calendar!

    31 - Shadow of Gahaz

    dangit, had to reverse 13 since it was already taken xD

    Northerner @ Dragon Season
    Seafarer's Rest since launch!

  • Looks great, I'll be there.
    72 - Melodril Ildayne

  • Raffle : 22 - Deathmortus

  • Amazing event, keep doing it!!

    65 - Nilsine Hagrad

  • Good to see this event still going strong.

    My raffle entry:
    8 - Kheyre

  • Oh I love this, I hope I can be at the event itself! <3
    Don't stop with organizing this!
    I'd like to have number 91 Kuro Datenshi <3

  • great time horrorween ill be there . =) my raffle number will be 21

  • GOTD the family, good luck everyone
    Can't wait to attend the even
    i chose the number #37 Rairon.8437

  • 21 for jolly

  • Number 42 for Anna Mistral

  • Number 2 please for Master Dann

    Horrorween hype!!1!1!!!one1!!11!!

  • Waaaahooooo! Let the Horrors commence! - Number 69 - Kitty Loves Boxes

  • Lucky number 7 for Otaktay.5074 on NA Maguma server please! :)

  • Number 38 please for folkabiceps.6789 on EU Server AG :)

  • Leo.5124Leo.5124 Member
    edited October 5, 2020

    100 for raffle Goblin Leo

    And hope to be there :D

  • falco.1840falco.1840 Member
    edited October 5, 2020

    Number 96 please: falco.1840 (Gizmo Falco)

  • Appelflap.5017Appelflap.5017 Member
    edited October 5, 2020

    Number 25 appelflap

  • Trinzle.5910Trinzle.5910 Member
    edited October 5, 2020

    Number 30 please ^^

  • Lauwauw.7035Lauwauw.7035 Member
    edited October 5, 2020

    Number 87 please. Character: Necro Lauwauw

  • Number 4 please.
    Misty Bloodrage

  • Number 69 please. Character name ; Niko Grimwar /Nikiro.1937/

  • DarkWarrior.2697DarkWarrior.2697 Member
    edited October 5, 2020

    Nr 5 please, character Mesorne

  • i am ready for it! muwhahahahahahaahahahahahahah!

  • No 9 Korin Aerlson

  • Woo! Exciting times!! Can't wait~
    7 for Ashal Tieran

  • 13 for Neotalie Paradise

  • Beckie.3580Beckie.3580 Member
    edited October 5, 2020

    43 for "Becca I" . Looking forward to the events :D

  • 85 for Telyn Ethuil.
    I look forward to playing for everyone in the event!

  • See you at the event!
    14 For Ayala Inril.

  • Can't wait for the event!

    21 - Kimayan