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My wife, sons and I are looking for a primary CST play time guild that is well structured with a guild charter, specific rules for becoming an officer and maintaining officer status (no guilds that have officers based solely upon being friends with the GM or part of the "in crowd" but do very little to advance the guild or assist new or returning players). Guild must have patience with new and returning players, have discord or TS or Vent. English speaking only, with mature players who dont spend the great part of their time discussing "boobies" or other immature topics. Prefer Christian based, but understanding if this isnt their thing providing they meet the other criteria. Prefer a guild name that is "roleplayesque", i.e. we are not joining a guild called "Ten Inches Unbuffed," "Runs with Scissors" or "Looking Through Beer Goggles" style guilds. Thanks for your time in advance.