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[Blocked] Achievement 'Eyes for Ears' can't be completed

Step "I'll never miss a song again" of achievement "Eyes for Ears" doesn't validate it would seem.
Thank you.


  • Yes, I have also had this issue. I've tried on two different characters and at multiple different angles, but that step of the acheivement won't complete. There was someone else there while I was trying to get it and it seems they were also having the same problem.

  • Aye.8392Aye.8392 Member ✭✭

    I am also having this problem, I can see the device, can target it with the sweeper, but no matter what angle I use it doesn't trigger.

  • Ive tried it on 3 chars so far and can confirm it doesnt validate

  • Dah.7493Dah.7493 Member
    edited October 10, 2020

    Same problem today for me - all others worked fine this one wont. tried multiple angles and distances. 10th-Oct

  • Same, can get all others but am unable to get this one. Tried every possible angle and location, but no success.

  • This is still an issue, i cant get this either, please for the love of the gods address this issue!

  • I also can't get the sweeper to register this one device no matter which way i try it.

  • STILL an issue. This is really annoying.

  • Same problem here.