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NA PVX [WAP] Women Accept Power. All ladies guild recruiting!

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For Ladies Only who are looking to explore, be themselves and have fun enjoying this amazing game together! Let's come together and EMPOWER each other, We are all amazing after all! LGBT Friendly and inclusive! <3<3<3

We have a schedule which includes: WvW (GoM), PvP, LADIES NIGHT, Bosses, Dungeons, Fractals, etc!!

This guild is very community based. We work together, help each other, and everyone is encouraged to step up to make it the place they want. You will get what you put into it, but that is completely up to you.


  • Do I have to be a girl to join the guild?

Yes, creating a space safe from discrimination and harassment for women (including women from marginalized groups) is our number one high priority.

  • We are an LGBT “Safe Space”.

Some of our members fall into one or more of those categories. We do not tolerate derogatory words, jokes meant to insult, and other things of that nature. Use of such language will result in immediate removal from the guild, no questions asked. If you are only looking to join us to harass/troll women of a marginalized then please look elsewhere. Being a safe place for women and LGBT people to interact with each other is and always will be the guild's MAIN priority.

  • We prefer to take a “quality over quantity” approach.

New recruits join on a trial basis to help foster close bonds of friendship and further strengthen the guild as a whole. New members are given time to settle in and adjust to the workings of the guild without having the pressure to contribute to the guild. Our guild chat is kept drama/troll free to also encourage bonds of friendship. There are also no character class requirements. Membership is open to all women. We do not base membership qualifications on player race, nationality, religion, sexuality, or gender identity.

  • Do I need to rep 100% of the time?
    Nope! Guild representation is highly encouraged, but only required during guild sponsored and scheduled events. We just want to look like a team while we act like a team.

  • Are there any other requirements?

Not really, we have some rules (readily available on our discord) that members are expected to abide by but as long as you can do that you should be all set. We don’t kick for inactivity, you don’t need HoT or PoF, no server or timezone needed, we’re not recruiting for specific roles only, etc. Other than that our only real requirements are as follows:

  • You must be female. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • All members are expected to abide by our Guild Rules.

If you're interested in joining our guild please message me in game: Lady Loony.9314




  • Not a female here nor am I a guild member, but I've known the people in charge for a bit now. They're very passionate about the game, the guild and setting up event for all the members to enjoy and have fun in. There are more than a couple of veterans a part of the guild and they will help with everything related to the game. If not this guild, I don't know where else you're going to find a group of boss kitten kitten like these.

    yes i know it makes me a simp, but hey doesn't make what im saying false ;)


  • Lady Loony.9314Lady Loony.9314 Member ✭✭
    edited October 21, 2020

    Always looking for more to join our amazing community! <3
    If you're interested in joining please message me in game, Lady Loony.9314.

  • Happy Halloween tyria! We're always looking for more to join our lovely community! Join now for ladies night tonight at 8 pm EST! See you in the mad kings realm ladies! <3<3<3

  • My only question, is how you will verify weather or not someone who joins your guild is a girl IRL.

  • @Kenji.5897 said:
    My only question, is how you will verify weather or not someone who joins your guild is a girl IRL.

    Hi there. Usually only guys always ask this question even though it doesn't concern them, but to answer your question, we usually can tell pretty easily but even if they lie to us we do have an active voice channel and lots of ladies who know lots of people, so when we find out they are a male we kick them. We also work as a team to mass report anyone who would join us under false pretenses, which has been very helpful in the past. Hope this answered your question. Happy Halloween!

  • Recruitment is open for WAP! Message me in game ladies ❤️