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[NA] Raid Shenanigans [RaSh] - Semi-hardcore guild recruiting for raids and end-game content

We are a new, semi-hardcore guild looking for players who want to build a community together. The priority of the guild is to run end-game content efficiently and quickly, but keep a chill atmosphere and have fun!

We want long-term players who will be proactive at gearing new classes and practicing their rotation to improve gameplay. We ask players to be patient and respectful towards each other but to also be open to constructive criticism.

While our raid static is currently full and focusing on progression in Wings 5-7, we do random runs throughout the week to try and clear Wings 1-4. We’re looking for semi-experienced to experienced raiders who would be interested in joining these random runs.

Raid Schedule:

Our raids consist of our static team and then random open runs. The open runs are entirely dependant upon how much interest is shown and is gauged by a sign-up in Discord. Occasionally, our static run is also in need of fillers and goes by a first-come first-serve basis. All times are in CST.

Monday - 8PM to 10PM (Static/Closed)
Tuesday - 8PM to 10PM (Open)
Wednesday - 8PM to 10PM (Static/Closed)
Thursday - 8PM to 10PM (Open)
Saturday - 8PM to 10PM (Open)


  • Have at least 2 fully ascended raid-ready meta classes.
  • Be willing to gear and practice on additional classes.
  • Have experience with the majority of bosses in Wings 1-4.
  • Wear the guild tag when doing activities with us.
  • Have all current expansions up to PoF.

Long-Term Goals:

  • Get a guild hall (lol)
  • Learn speed-clear strats
  • Low-man raid kills
  • Challenge mote kills

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please message me on Discord at Anonthiel#2359 or send me a mail in-game at Anonthiel.2730.