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Bugged Borderland

wondermuffin.9680wondermuffin.9680 Member
edited October 10, 2020 in WvW

The Green Gandara Border is bugged for Fort Ranik/RoF. There is a fake queue that doesn't move and players are unable to enter the border, thus unable to capture anything. Please fix or at least look into it.


  • knite.1542knite.1542 Member ✭✭✭

    I think you should post this in the bug section instead of the wvw section.

    If your team wins it's because of everyone else. If your team loses, blame the thief.
    ranger is OP but holo is more OP so its fine
    Why do this matter at all, you have people asking you why play so bad as fractal god?
    If they would pull that kitten on me, i would sue instantly. And i have enough time and money to finish that.
    Balance? More like a bunch of random nerfs done by interns.