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Nerf damage and movility

wevh.2903wevh.2903 Member ✭✭✭
edited October 12, 2020 in PVP

Yes please nerf damage , yes there is kinda of disgusting damage like nades or sevenshots but lets nerf it all
I mean nerf reaper damage , nerf power rev damage and shiro ports , nerf thief movility .

I want bunker stuff to rise even more . Yes all that stuff ppl seems to ignore cuz right now nades holo are keping them away.

The rise of builds like decap scrapper , kalla bunker renegade , symbol guardian. And not only that , all forms of mender stuff like core ranger bunker weaver etc , , bunker scourge idk why not?

Ofc these builds are viable , but only running effectively one of them per team cuz stuff like nades holo can kill stuff faster than them bunkering nodes.

I dont want thief or revs hunting me , yes I dont want that , i want a bunker build at every node . Yes. Killing holos is not enjoyable i want endless fights. I want to run my bunker build and have rly no trade off cuz there is not damage or movility or ports that can outplay me on a skilled way on this game mode .i want t play like at 2v2 tournaments , with double scourge and ofc i dont want a thief to outnumber and kill me cuz im slow , that is bad design kitten


  • Metzie.3451Metzie.3451 Member ✭✭
    edited October 12, 2020

    How about a brawl with fists? Hello, I mean it's 2020, ANet could start to get more creative like some of their players, right? And if someone hits too hard, ANet weakens this half a year later with a BIG balance patch, no?

    Possibly another suggestion. Open the PvP menu, pick any map in "hot-join" that is completely empty, say no players, and then ... stand on a point and wait. You can bunker that point (or another) all day long until someone comes and attacks you. So easy!

    Short question by the way, what is "movility"?

    Keep the game clean - wait what, ...? REMOVED
    Keep the game clean - wait what, again - oof? REMOVED
    Iam waiting for the next one ...

  • Skada.1362Skada.1362 Member ✭✭✭

    Got dam movility ! grrrr it maketh me so med!

  • Foam pool noodle fight!!!