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[EU] LF PVE Relaxed Guild

Aubin des bois.8972Aubin des bois.8972 Member
edited October 21, 2017 in Looking For Guild

I'm french, and I want to practice english by joining an english guild. I don'd have an incredible level, but I understand.
I like playing fractals and dungeons, and I would like play raids but i don't have any experience.
I play sometimes PVP or WVW, but just for fun, I'm not very accurate.
I would like to join a friendly guild, I just want to have fun and speak english.
Aubin des bois (or Aubin Hood ;-) )

P.S.: If You are just here to say "You can learn by seeing movies with english subtitles" or something like that, I'm not interested.
P.P.S.: I did probably a lot of mistakes, so i'm really sorry, If you want me to correct, I can.

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