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Error ArcDps

Hola buenas, yo me puse el ArcDps hara cerca de 1 mes, pusieron la actualización de halloween y cuando me queria entrar con un personaje se me quedaba la pantalla en blanco y se cerraba el gw. Busque el problema y era el arc que se tenia que actualizar quitandolo y volviendolo a poner, lo hice y me empezo a salir este error (10.401: warning: simulation may be incomplete).
Alguna recomendación o ayuda para arreglar el arc?.


  • Hello , I put the ArcDps about 1 month ago, they put the halloween update and when I wanted to enter with a character the screen was left blank and the gw was closed. Look for the problem and it was the arc that had to be updated by removing it and putting it back, I did it and I started getting this error (10.401: warning: simulation may be incomplete).
    Any recommendation or help to fix the file?
    Thank you.

  • ArcDps often breaks when GW2 is patched. Just wait a day or two until ArcDps is updated again, then install the newest version.

    Bugtracker: Costume Brawl, Sunqua Clouds
    Announcementtracker: Alliances, Legendary Armory

  • Khisanth.2948Khisanth.2948 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It has been updated so just grab the new d3d9.dll