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LF a semi-hardcore [EU] guild focused on [PvE]

Mayakii.9678Mayakii.9678 Member
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I am a DPS guardian looking for a semi-hardcore/hardcore guild on Underworld focused on PvE content, primarily fractals, strike missions & raids.

I come from a different MMO, where I have achieved hardest timed PvE content multiple times throughout years of play. I am somewhat new to Guild Wars 2, as I've started roughly a month ago, but I've already grasped fractals (current personal fractal level - 74, AR is 114), Strike Missions (I believe most, if not all, done for gold reward), studied and crafted my very first legendary and have crafted a full set of ascended armor (including the purchase of the accessories).

I am basically looking for a guild which is active, partakes in various activities (I want to experience what it means to be in a guild and what it actually bring in terms of content in GW2), do fractals, raid and other PvE content while having a good laugh, but still being able to progress. I have nothing against PvP or WvW, it's just that I am bad at it right now, but eventually, will look into it, as I crave for the Ascension. More than happy to join Discord server for those spicy memes.

Contact info:

  • Discord: .augis#2285
  • Display Name: Mayakii.9678