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Fix the persisting skill animation bugs that persist indefinitely!

Hot Boy.7138Hot Boy.7138 Member ✭✭✭✭

Spellbreaker is notorious for this. Once they use fullcounter at the start of the match, the animation never goes away. They are always in the full counter golden bubble for the rest of the match, even when they are lying on the ground dead. Elementalist's frost breath is another one. These are fun little bugs in PvE, but in pvp they are horrible. I can't believe they've gone on for this long. You can't see the tells of the player you're fighting because their the skill animations are in an endless loop, and you can't see the skill animations of their teammates because it covers their characters. It's just more visual bloat that makes pvp in this game more of a joke. These are bugs that should have been fixed in the first week, and here it is years later...


  • Arheundel.6451Arheundel.6451 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Ranger GS leap is another , the eagle animation remains.....
    Also elementalist has bugs on animations..for basically all weapons : sword with fire/air - dagger main hand with fire breath - staff with fireball and lightning many......

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