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[EU][KD][GMT+2][PvX][engagement below]

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Hello fellow Tyrians!
Iam looking for a PvX Guild on Gunnars Hold or Kodash (since they share the WvW Pool).
My engagement in the different areas
[WvW][casual] - i like to play it and dont have a problem diving deeper. So far it is just a nice to have with lots of fun though
[PvE][semi-hardcore] - Grinding worldbosses, dungeon fractalruns, raids. Count me in!
[PvP][less than casual] - despite getting some armorskins, iam less inclined for PvP. But iam open to change my mind.

About myself,
I played Gw2 since beta and accummulated roughly 2500 hours until the end of Living World Season 2.
From this point on i skipped every content until roughly 3 weeks ago
I bought all living story content i missed + the 2 addons and split my attention between story content, WvW, fractals and Dungeon runs rn.
Iam very interested in the raids, since it was content i missed alot during vanilla times.
In terms of time commitment i try to balance between casual and semi hardcore.
If we run raids or do guild missions i keep my time free. A schedule when i play and when i dont is not possible for me rn though.
Iam a student in the last semesters of his bachelor degree and therefore assignments in the real world take priority if i cant reschedule around those times.
My current Fractal level is 43, though after around 6 years of not playing i got a bit rusty and play lower fractals to get into every mission again.
Inside my old guild i often took care of newer players. Giving them instructions for dungeon and fractal runs and other content that was not clear from the start for beginners.
I'll prefer an english speaking guild, though german is also ok for me.

If you have other questions for me, just shoot.