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Wyrm's Breath Cape and Spirit Weapons

I was excited to see Wyrm's Breath Cape available to trade for statuettes.. but got disappointed after purchasing it. Oof..

Spirit weapons' transparency cancels the effect of Wyrm's Breath Cape. Very noticeable on Eidolon compared to other spirit weapons.

I tried changing the dye, but no effect.


  • Actually ANY shield will do that. Easiest way to fix it if you still want a shield is to disable the shield as being visible in the wardrobe. That will make the shield disappear while not in combat so you can see the cloak transmog without interference from the shield, but you'll still have the shield visable in combat.

  • I understand that shields cause clipping issues with back equipment and there is a way to hide sheathed weapons. This is not that. The breath effect is fine from the side - some part of the breath is not clipped by the shield.

    The issue is the transparency of Eidolon negates the breath effect of Wyrm's Breath Cape behind it.

    Of course "ANY" shield will do that, most shields are not transparent. I suspect Wall of the Mists has the same issue, but I don't have one to test. I'll check the wardrobe preview.