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[BUG] Chest content - dropchance bugged or set way too low

sylva.4971sylva.4971 Member
edited October 17, 2020 in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Dear Arenanet,

Last night bought 25 keys and opened chests with them. Out of 25 attempts I received one special (fifth slot). The rate for anything nice is horrific! The rest was all junk and the special is a warclaw skin while I dont even play wvw😭. It has nothing to do with luck anymore, dropchance is bugged or way to low.

Seen a YouTuber do the same thing last week ...he received the cloak, warclaw skin, chair, few weapon skins and allot of scraps and had atleast 8 specials. I received 4 schraps, one special and junk. Also out of the sure wardrobe unlock came junk. Two finishers.... Last time I did something like this there where atleast enough scraps to make a ticket or two. No idea what is wrong with the keys / chests but to me something seems off.

Could you please fix this bug (or increase the ratings) and perhaps then return my 25 keys? Or maybe return my gems or atleast send me the cloak? Just something I really wanted for me Scourge. Bugged dropchance is no fun.

Have a nice weekend and hope you can help!

With kind regards,