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Build Templates and Equipment Templates?

So maybe I'm confused. Been away for a while and now I see Build Templates and Equipment Templates.
Maybe this has come up before, but a search here didn't turn anything up. So here's my confusion.
But Builds and Equipment don't seem that useful since there is no binding between them. All the advanced specializations advantage a specific weapon. That appears to be the point. So if I'm an advanced player [not that advanced really] then I'll have designed a loadouts for say Chronomancer and Mirage, and when I switch them I'll want to swap my weapons, and maybe other gear too to get the right runes. I might have two sets of armor for example.

So maybe the rest is TLDR, but This whole Template thing seems like the wrong design for a lot of reasons.

There seem to be two glaring problems with the current scheme:
1. I can't see that switching builds swaps gear too. No way to bind a Build with an Equipment Template?
2. And there is no additional Template storage for the gear when you swap. So it just dumps it in the top of the bags?
At least in GW1 you had an "Equipment" bag where your weapons dropped by default. Not very large and not a complete answer.

So how about we dump this current template nonsense and have just one thing that swaps both your Spec and Your gear and it comes with some "Template" storage. Sure Sure... I know that AN wants us to pay for any additional storage, but we can restrict this to only for use with Templates so we pay for additional slots of it with the additional slots that we purchase. That keeps a Monetization Opportunity. It's not generalized storage. Sure Sure. And the only way to modify this invisible "Spec Template Storage" is to load the spec template, and change the gear, and then switch away from it.? Hum... Gotta be able to use the same gear across multiple templates.. IDK. Someone can figure that out. But we need Skill Specs and Equipment to swap together don't we?

If this is confusing, then go try the Trial over at FFXIV and progress far enough on a toon to get "Gear Sets" and look at what your Armory looks like in that game. FFXIV has a much harder problem - every job [class] and every profession works on every toon. So you have this problem in spades over there.
Oh another thing. What's this "Saving Templates Account Wide" What's that for? Seriously.. That's a thing? If every toon could play every job, then sure. But the way GW2 is now, unless you've got a real Mesmer Fetish [or some other class] then sharing the same built across lots of toons on your account isn't really a big thing, right? And builds can be dumped out as HEX and Imported too right? At least that used to be a thing? Or was that a false memory from GW1? Anyway. Account shared templates don't seem very useful either.

Maybe all this has been discussed before, but I did a search and didn't see any refs to Build Templates and Equipment Templates that looked like this subject.

Any thoughts? You like the current scheme? I can't really see myself using it.


  • Balsa.3951Balsa.3951 Member ✭✭✭

    the system is to say not mature now....

    what i did is was max 6 / 6 templates and than keybind build to alt+numb (1) for example and ctrl +numb(1) for gear

    not perfect but thats the best we can do for now

    Anet mentioned a legendary armory in march i think but no news since than

    I support anet making money but ye... the buildtemplates now are not worth it if u dont have a full max out main

  • Cuks.8241Cuks.8241 Member ✭✭✭

    I think the general consensus, at least from players that were looking forward to templates hence employ many builds, is that the system is clunky, complicated and expensive with way too few templates.
    Your main problem could be solved by keybinding them though. At the end, you will need to press 2 buttons instead of one.