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Survive as a warrior?

I played POF maps with my thief and it was a piece of cake. I have constant healing with Signet of Malice, heals on critical hits and vampire rune-things on my armor. My lvl 80 warrior however dies withuout end. I can't complete any hero challenge solo, mobs on the map are always challenging. All my armor and weapons are orange, Berserker armor, trinkets are focused on vitality and healing. My armor has this vampire upgrades too and i use greatsword. I mean from a logical standpoint, the warrior should be more resilient than a thief but it's not somehow?

build: (Only berserker fully unlocked but was too squishy)


  • Swap Berserker's Power for Might Makes Right. use axe/axe plus greatsword. Take For Great Justice. Might will heal you for 133 hp per stack and 2 endurance no icd. Building Momentum will keep your endurance full, so dodge more. Swap Defense for Tactics. Mending Might will heal you for 69 hp per might you grant to anyone including yourself.

    Maximize might generation, dodge frequently, and land your bursts attacks.


    Here is a sample. Landing Eviscerate will give you 25 endurance btw. In PvE Brave Stride should keep you from getting CC'd.

  • Okay Axe/Axe then, bought my griffon recently and I'm completely broke but still 3 gold left to buy 2 axes. Thanks will try that. The most difficult thing is to use 9 buttons. I'm left handed and the numpad is a bit difficult to reach and using my mouse buttons feels very off to me. My thief was very easy in comparison. Spam 3 (p/p) and sometimes 7 to escape and mouse 4 to steal.

  • Bulls charge, axe 4, axe 5, axe 2, F1, AA chain. Can all be done with the left hand. Just know when to dodge and not cancel axe 5 or the AA chain.

  • If you have trouble surviving I can only recommend to go Strength, Discipline and Defense

  • @Telgum.6071 said:
    If you have trouble surviving I can only recommend to go Strength, Discipline and Defense

    That is what he was doing when he made this thread.

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    Yep, I second everything Lan said, Might healing Warriors are superb.

  • Yeah, just take MMR and MM while maxing your might generation. Axe/Axe is the best PvE dps set, and 50% of the crits will give you might, and it has a high hit rate, so you'll generate lots of might with it.