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[NA][FC][PvE - WvW][Discord] Guildless Disciples [GD] Recruiting New Members!

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Guildless Disciples [GD]
North American, Helpful, Social, Friendly, Mature 21+
We are current PvE focused, establishing towards a balanced PvX community.

We are a small community guild looking to grow.
Helping new & returning players to the game, guiding them in the right direction.
Offering mentoring in character class, leveling, crafting, builds, gearing, mounts and story progression.
PvE end game content is our main focus, teaching and learning for Dungeons, Fractals, Strikes and Raids.
WvW or PvP is a small part of our community. We are looking to expand this as we progress and grow.
Guild representation and discord is required during all guild events. Members must be able to listen to directions.
Guild Missions are done weekly along with community daily activities.
Our atmosphere is mature, social, friendly and relaxing with pizza & cake <.<
Leadership/Mentoring roles are available for the dedicated Disciples.

We are looking for active players with a positive & friendly mind set to join our community.
Whether you are brand new, returning or a skilled veteran, we want you to join our Disciples!
All player types are welcomed from Casual to semi hardcore. (No Elitism allowed)
This is a game meant for relaxing fun times and making new friends!
We hope to see you join us in your new home!

To join our community:
*Respond to this thread.
*Message/Email in game:
*Joining through our discord is the most recommended for a faster response.
Please introduce yourself and post your in game name for invite.